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On this page you will find download for the full Alakline and Acidic Food List, summary of the 5 simple steps to total health transformation, links to other resources and our Ninja Chow recipe zone!

Alkalinity and pH Balance

The pH level of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Our body functioning is entirely dependent on an internal alkaline environment.  

The body will do everything it can to keep the blood and lymph in a slightly alkaline state.


Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle is extremely acidic. Processed foods, sugars, dairy, coffee and soda, alcohol, meat and stress all lead to over acidity.


The body becomes exhausted using its tiny alkaline buffer to maintain this balance.  

This leads to fatigue, fuzzy thinking, weight gain (to buffer acids), aches and pain, sickness and disease.

We feel sick and tired - It is time to put an end to this!

Alkaline food and water is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to flood your body with alkalinity. This offsets the acid in our systems and puts the body back into balance.


The body can then use all of this extra energy to eliminate toxins, heal itself and provide you with tons of extra energy, focus, libido and improved mood.


PLUS... An acidic body holds on to fat to store the excess acid! So, as soon as you fill your body with alkalinity, the fat starts to MELT away, giving you the body you deserve!


Explore the links below to understand which foods are ALKALINE and which are ACID.


You should aim to eat at least 70% Alkaline Foods and Drinks.

The 5 Simple Steps...

To Total Health Transformation

  • 1. CLEAR
  • 2. CREATE
  • 3. BUILD
  • 4. FUEL
  • 5. PROTECT

1. CLEAR - To get the full effects of health benefits, you must make sure the highways are clear.

Unblock and Clear Digestive System:


The first step is to clear your digestive system to ensure nutrients get through to your blood. Nutrients will then be absorbed efficiently, maximising the effects of the other steps, as well as improve concentration, kick-start weight loss, decrease risk of colon cancer and increase fertility.

Clear the arteries so cells can travel freely:


Used in top cardio clinics around the world, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline are Nobel prize winning nutrients that clean the arteries of plaque, dilate the arteries, normalise blood pressure and increase blood flow around the body.

Boosts energy, sexual and sports performance.

2. CREATE - A healthy internal environment

Restore an alkaline balance:


Our bodies are constantly bombarded with acids from sugar, stress, alcohol, meat, coffee, pharmaceuticals, training and more.

The body uses a lot of energy to maintain an alkaline balance of 7.365, leading to fatigue, sickness and mental degradation.

By providing your body with alkaline salts to neutralise this acid, it takes a huge metabolic load off. This leads to an energy surge, boosts performance, mental focus and reduces cravings. Just as importantly, we also create an environment in which healthy new cells can thrive.

Super hydrate with pure alkaline water:


There are over 400 chemicals and pollutants in tap and bottled water. Most of the liquids we drink are also acidic. We need to flood our body with pure, alkaline water to replace the fluids in our body and flush out acids and toxins.

Use our Ninja Jug or Ultrastream to create totally pure, alkaline, pristine water.


This will change the water in your cells to be optimum for health.

3. Build - Healthy new cells

Provide the optimal nutrients


Now that the pathways (digestive system and blood) are clear and our environment optimal for cells to live in, we can get to work creating the perfect new cells. Flood your body with easy to absorb micro-nutrients your body can use to efficiently build new cells in the body, including new red blood cells, skin, hair, muscles and internal organs. You can also use Omega oils to ensure the cell membranes are optimal.

4. FUEL - Boost your cells

Provide optimum fuel for cells to create energy:


Fat from omega oils is the cleanest fuel for our bodies to use in conjunction with abundant molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen is fed directly into the mitachondria (energy producing cells) to combust clean fats,

creating abundant energy!

5. PROTECT - Ensure cellular environment is protected from damage

Protect cells from free radicals


Once the new cells have been created we need to neutralise free radicals to make sure they are not damaged (aged). Molecular hydrogen has been proven by over 1000 peer reviewed studies to penetrate all cells in the body and quickly neutralises free radicals.

Control inflammation:


The most common ailment that precedes serious disease is inflammation. It is the body's reaction to trauma, training or an underlying health condition. Some level of inflammation is needed by the body for healing to occur, but excessive levels can cause considerable health burdens. Molecular Hydrogen has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation to normal levels with no side effects. Because it is infinitesimally small it can penetrate far more effectively into where it is needed.