BALANCE: The secret to unlock your health

Principles and Simple Steps For Optimal Health

By Callum @ AvocadoNinja


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      • Your body works on electrical gradients and maintains a narrow band of pH of around 7.365.
      • The keys to maintaining this are to limit your intake of highly acidic foods and increase key alkaline and trace minerals in your diet.
      • As a society, we have got so out of balance due to soil depletion, meaning our foods have fewer minerals in them. Along with consuming more processed foods, refined sugars, environmental pollution and increased stress.
      • There are some simple steps you can take each day to counterbalance this and experience a surge in energy, mental clarity and overall health.

In this article, you will learn what is happening in your body right now, that is compromising your health. This is such a fundamental area to get right, that the effects of correcting it are extremely powerful. I go through the principles of this and some simple daily actions you can take to get all the benefits.

if your body is not in alkaline balance, with an abundance of key minerals - your health is being compromised.

“A deficiency in these minerals is a real phenomenon, and has a significant, clinical, long-term physiological effect that should be recognised and potentially counterbalanced.” 

– Cambridge University Published Article

I started off in the health world by attending a Tony Robbins event in 2004. In that event, Tony not only demonstrated non-stop unbelievable energy for 4 days straight, but he also mentioned that he followed something called “The Alkaline Diet”. This fascinated me and in an effort to emulate his energy I embarked on a 20-year journey into health.


In my own research to apply it, I went underneath the alkaline diet, sought out as many independent studies as possible and found out what is really going on under the surface.


So, I really see “The Alkaline Diet” now as something that led to the uncovering of a number of key health principles that I will cover in this module. Rather than referring to this approach as “The Alkaline Diet” I focus on these evidence-based principles.


Many people have uncovered different parts of these principles from all areas of health, from medical research, to fitness and nutrition experts. So, I’m going to bring this all together - demystify, simplify and summarise this for you. I will then translate them into simple steps you can take in a few minutes a day that will completely transform your health.

Principles of internal balance

I am going to cover some principles here that are very uncommon in mainstream health. But again, they go to the root of how the body actually works. By understanding this and taking the simple actions I outline, we can really take control of these fundamental areas, to produce astounding results.


Your Body is Like a Battery


Your body is like a battery in that it operates on electrical gradients and needs a full spectrum of minerals to allow it to maintain this. When you have the right levels of minerals, you will feel “charged” and without them, you feel “drained”.


Fluids in The Body Need to be Slightly Alkaline


Cells operate optimally at a voltage range of around -30 to 70 mv, which is the equivalent of an average pH of 7.365. So for optimum health you need to be slightly alkaline. When this voltage/pH drops, even by a fraction, then fatigue sets in. And the long-term effects are devastating to the body.


The effects of this include: Low energy and sluggishness, low mood and depression, poor blood health and blood pressure problems, mental “fog” and slow thinking, cravings for stimulants, such as sugar, premature ageing, digestive problems and many more.


Free Your Body


Your body is constantly working to maintain pH levels, and keep it optimum. It knows how to do this! A lot of confusion has arisen in the media around the misconception that we are trying to artificially “raise” the pH of the body. This could not be further from the truth. In effect, we are just allowing the body to regulate itself.


The pH of the body works in a similar way to core temperature, in that the body will do the regulating - and will take numerous evasive actions to do this. The negative effects come from the additional strain your body is under.


Putting too much acid into the body through lifestyle choices and not consuming enough of, and the right kind of minerals will cause the body to wreak havoc trying to maintain pH. This can be felt with short-term things like fatigue, low mood, brain fog, weight gain; and more serious long-term consequences.


Minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium have validated, peer-reviewed health benefits. [17]


They are vital to supporting critical bodily processes, from your organs to muscles and your brain! In fact, most of us are deficient in almost every mineral, which is proven to lead to low energy, low mood, depression, mental fog, cravings, premature ageing, digestive problems, headaches, muscle cramps, nausea, migraines, and other unpleasant outcomes! [18 19 20 21 22 23 24]


Let’s consider the benefits of magnesium alone2. Over 700-800 bodily functions depend on magnesium, and it is important for over 300 enzymatic processes, including all of those involved in energy production, nerve and cardiac function, muscle contraction and relaxation, protein synthesis, controlling blood glucose, maintaining healthy DNA. [2,25] It’s also critical for your cells to multiply properly.


In short, pretty much every key area of health and longevity.


And unfortunately, most of us are magnesium deficient.


A published research paper from Cambridge University states: “a deficiency in these minerals is a real phenomenon, and has a significant, clinical, long-term physiological effect that should be recognised and potentially counterbalanced.”

Why Are We So Out of Balance?

Two big things have happened in the past 50 years...


Acid Load Has Increased


Firstly, our acid load has increased significantly. This is due to a huge increase in the use of processed foods, refined sugar, pollution and stress. So we have a lot more acid coming into our body for it to deal with.


Essential Mineral Levels in Food has Declined


Secondly, as the British Food Standards Authority has published: “Essential mineral levels have significantly declined in vegetables over the past 50 years.” In fact, you would have to eat 5 portions of vegetables today to get the equivalent of just 1 portion, 50 years ago. Poor farming practices have contributed to the depletion of minerals in the soil, making it almost impossible to get enough minerals from diet alone.


RDA is Not Optimum


Further complicating things, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is not high enough for optimal health. Without a doubt, we need to supplement our intake of magnesium and other healthy minerals.

How To Mineralise

The good news is, the solution to all this is pretty simple and only takes a few minutes a day to have a huge effect.


So, here’s what you need to do…


Shortcut Your Minerals


The best way to give your body all it needs to work optimally, is to take a mineral supplement. This will have a transformative effect.


So, rather than having to rely on the vegetables you consume to provide enough minerals (which we’ve already established is unlikely) or them having to absorb these from the depleted soil, and then having to prepare and consume them, you can shortcut the process and directly take the minerals. They can then be absorbed straight into the system efficiently and put to use right away.


I've found, what I believe, is the very best mineral supplement in the world. Not only is this the purest form of alkaline minerals, it is also in the exact right proportion that the body needs. You can find more details of this here.


Make Salt Your Friend


We need to change our idea of salt. Now, I am not talking about processed and additive-laden table salt or the salt found in processed foods. These varieties of salt are clearly not your friend, and if you follow the Avocado Ninja Meal Formula covered in the next module, you can eliminate these harmful salts from your diet entirely.


However, all salt is currently labelled unhealthy and widely believed to increase blood pressure. This is rather like the “fat” message we got for the past 20 years - that fat is just fat and needs to be eliminated. Whereas now we are told that there are different types of fats, good and bad.


Well, this is the same with salt now. We are told it’s all bad. But in fact, there is good and bad salt. And this is also about quantity.


Recently, large studies have found that there is insufficient evidence to link the reduction of salt in the diet to the prevention of cardiovascular disease or death. This means that low-sodium diets and very high-sodium diets both carry a higher risk of heart disease. The lowest rate of cardiovascular events was at about 5g per day of sodium intake.14


I’ve included more details of these studies below.


I recommend using unrefined sea salt, which contains over sixty trace minerals that are essential to maintaining healthy body function and supercharging performance. The one I use can be found here.


Drink Pure Alkaline Water


You can also boost your alkalinity and minerals further, by using the Ninja Jug or Ultrastream. These purify the water, raise the alkalinity and add all the minerals in. So, all day, you are rehydrating with the perfect water to support your cells.


Dietary Changes


There are also dietary considerations to this, which is covered in more detail in the Health Secrets Course called Build. You can get access to this here.  But it is good to be aware of the fundamentals here.


Limit acidic foods/liquids to 30% of diet


We need to stop throwing fuel on the flames! Putting less acid in for the body to deal with is a critical step. For now, minimise your use of processed foods, soft drinks and try to eliminate refined sugar from your diet.


Eat an abundance of high nutrient alkaline foods


The main reason for this is to get a wide array of all the nutrients that your body needs. This will give you a good amount of minerals. But, unfortunately, unless you are constantly juicing and preparing meals with HUGE amounts of veggies, you still won’t get enough.

next steps

Before we get into the simple steps, just a reminder.


If you haven’t watched the Life Transformation training, I recommend you do this. You can find this in your Health Secrets members area (sign up here to get access).


We cover how to take the steps I outline and turn them into plans and habits. This is critical, otherwise all the information I am giving you will be redundant.


My objective here is to change your life. And that will only happen if you take these steps and turn them into habits!


So, to fix the mineral issue, get your body into balance and working optimally, it only takes a couple of minutes a day:


  • First thing in the morning, take 1 scoop of pHour Salts and a pinch of unrefined sea salt. This will give you all the main minerals, along with a full spectrum of trace minerals. Add this to your morning routine habits and do it every day. You'll find that, almost instantly, you will get a surge of energy and calm. What a great way to start the day!


  • Drink pure, alkaline, mineralised water during the day. (Using Ninja Jug or Ultrastream). To trigger this behaviour, set a reminder on your phone to drink every hour.


  • Minimise the consumption of acid foods and drink - refined sugar and processed food are good to get started with. Then, follow the steps in the Health Secrets Build module to optimise your diet to support all of this.


Dos and Don'ts


  • Drink pHour Salts first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Wait 15 minutes before eating anything else. You can drink tea/healthy coffee in this time period.


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