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Principles and Simple Steps For Optimal Health

By Callum @ AvocadoNinja


Includes the entire integrated Health Secrets Course


      • How to easily create meals that are proven to help you live longer, have more energy, look better, improve your cardio function, create your ideal body, get rid of all those niggling health issues, sleep better and feel happier.
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        • An example day, with a meal plan and recipes.

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I am so grateful to have you here today! The more you learn about these key elements of optimal health, the more chances you have of creating a life you love. And just the fact that you are here makes it a WIN. You want to know the best strategies and have the intention to apply it. And I’m going to make it as easy as possible for you to do that and get all the incredible, life transforming benefits.

The number one human upgrade - your diet

“A diet rich in vegetables & fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease & stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower the risk of eye and digestive problems, & have a positive effect on blood sugar, which can keep appetite in check.”


– Harvard University

My research on nutrition is the culmination of nearly 20 years studying the diets of people around the world that have vital, healthy bodies, limitless energy, a joyful and optimised mind, optimised bodies and who are measurably slowing the ageing process.  


It is proven that you will live longer, have more energy, look better, improve your cardio function, create your ideal body, get rid of all those niggling health issues, sleep better and feel happier.


Research at Imperial College London has shown that an abundance of vegetables “... is proven to give a 24% reduction in risk of heart disease, 33% reduction in risk of stroke, 28% reduction in rate of cardiovascular disease and 31% reduction in dying prematurely.” [6]


Similarly, at Harvard University they found: “A diet rich in vegetables and fruits can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer, lower the risk of eye and digestive problems, and have a positive effect upon blood sugar, which can help keep appetite in check.” [5]


The incredible Bryan Johnson has spent millions scientifically monitoring the effects of different protocols on the human body. He has tracked every marker possible to get the most accurate results possible. He has also validated that an abundance of vegetables and fruits has a dramatically positive effect. He has slowed his pace of ageing by the equivalent of 31 years and is now ageing slower than the average 10-year-old!


In the book “Game Changers”, Dave Asprey interviewed 500 top performers and found that food is the number 1 human upgrade used!  


From all the research and evidence out there, I can 100% say that this is the most painless, high-impact way to live longer and live better.


So, I hope you can see how critical this step is. If that wasn’t enough, here are some of the benefits of what an abundance of veggies will give you:


  • You’ll live longer
  • You’ll have more energy
  • Your mood will be enhanced, you will feel happier and more joyful
  • Your mind will become optimised
  • You’ll look better and reach your ideal weight
  • You will Improve your cardio function
  • Your digestive health will dramatically improve


Now, your diet does come down to a lot of individual factors, but I’m going to discuss the core principles that apply to pretty much everyone. Get these right and you will experience an incredible transformation.


You can tweak these to your lifestyle, and once you’ve got these down as habits, there are also ways to personalise what you do to your exact situation, preferences and even your DNA!


And don’t worry! You are fully in control and there is a lot of wriggle room to make your diet perfect for you! And you don’t have to be perfect all the time. By just implementing as many of these principles as you can, as much as you can, you will see incredible positive changes. And your body will be that much stronger, that if you do have a moment of weakness, you will be able to cope with it a lot better.


Principles of nutrition

Brand New Body


The body renews itself constantly. You get new skin every two weeks, red blood cells every few months, new liver cells every year, colon cells refresh after four days and brain cells every few months. The reason the body degrades over time is that we keep doing the same thing, so we get the same cells, the same body and an internal environment that leads to cellular degeneration and cell death.


So, the next step in the Health Secrets system is to supply an abundance of nutrients that your body can use to create healthy new cells. You will give your body the highest quality building blocks to build your new body, while cutting out the foods and cooking methods that sabotage your efforts.


Choose Wisely


The big secret with building new cells is that you need to choose your food wisely.  


Firstly, it needs to be nutrient dense. A food that is nutrient dense is one that gives high amounts of nutrition, containing vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates, clean protein and healthy fats; and is easy to digest.


If it’s easy to digest, it means that all the nutrients will become available for the body to use, which is also a good reason to clear out the digestive system, as we covered in the Cleanse & Clear module. It also means you won't be using up lots of energy in the digestion process, which can make you lethargic.


Secondly, the food should not be highly acidic, as we covered in the last step.


Lastly, we need to only consume whole foods, and not processed or pre-packaged ones. Most foods are healthy in nature. It is the storing and processing of foods that makes them bad for us. Go for organic wherever possible, and if you eat animal products, try to get grass-fed.


The aim here is to build healthy new cells in your body, maintain an alkaline balance and have limitless energy.


Super Nutrients


Recent research has shown that because of soil depletion, you would have to eat 5 portions of veggies to get the equivalent of 1, 50 years ago!  


What the government classes as a portion, for example, canned soup, spaghetti hoops or Froot Loops, is not a portion. Over cooking food reduces nutrients even further, and can even turn it toxic, depending on how you cook it.  


The meagre amount of nutrients you get from overcooked supermarket veggies and processed “portions” is almost laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. The people who created the “5-a-day” guidance now admit that this is a failure. 5 a day isn’t a target, it is the bare minimum.    


A REAL serving is an 80 gram portion of clean, preferably organic, raw or lightly steamed alkaline veggies or low sugar fruit. This counts as 1. To get enough nutrients to make a profound difference to your health, you need to be eating at least 10 “real” servings of veggies a day.




So, now you will be thinking, “WHOA, how am I supposed to get this amount of veggies in my diet?” Don’t worry, the upside of this will not only blow your mind, but I will also show you exactly how to do this, including some special tricks to EASILY fit this into your schedule and budget.


the ultimate meal formula

The Avocado Ninja Ultimate Meal Formula is carefully formulated to help you create meals that are alkaline balanced, anti-inflammatory, keep blood sugar stable, have the perfect balance of fats, the right amount of clean high-quality protein and provide the ideal source of fuel for high sustainable energy all day and evening.


Click here to find out more and download the printable meal creation system.


AN Example Day

So, putting this all together with the Balance article, here is an example of what you can do each day to create transformation.


Upon waking


From the Balance step, take 1 scoop of pHour Salts and a pinch of unrefined sea salt. Drink on an empty stomach and wait 15 minutes before eating.


Breakfast (between 7 and 9am)


  • Ninja Power Drink, a green drink & wheatgrass shot
  • Or Ninja Smoothie & 1 tbsp MCT Oil & wheatgrass shot


Lunch (between 11am - 1pm)


Create a meal from the Ultimate Meal Formula, e.g.:


  • 3 portions Broccoli (240g),
  • 2 portions Cauliflower (160g),
  • Turmeric,
  • 1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
  • 1 tbsp MCT Oil,
  • 80g lentils/beans/seeds, unrefined sea salt and pepper.

Blend into a soup.


To drink: 80g berries and nuts blended in coconut milk.


Dinner (5pm - 7pm, but not within 3 hours of bed).


Create another meal from the Ultimate Meal Formula, e.g.:


  • 400g total: Avocado, Beetroot, lettuce, green beans, peas, radishes
  • Unrefined sea salt,
  • 80g sweet potato,
  • 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil,
  • 80g mackerel.

Incredible shortcut:
Add Green Drink Powder to the Water You Drink

During the day, drink 2 - 3 litres of pure, alkaline, mineralised water, mixed with a scoop of green drink.


This will not only keep you hydrated, but continually provide your body with an abundant and diverse source of easily absorbable nutrients.


This is an incredibly powerful step in conveniently and cost effectively boosting the nutrients available to your body.


We have searched the world and put all the best green drinks here.

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