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"Learning how to control your focus and physiology empowers you to manage your state, which enables you to feel whatever emotions you want, whenever you want.  Since your emotions impact your actions, controlling your emotional state empowers you to promote the behaviours you want to sustain to improve your life."


Includes the entire integrated Health Secrets Course


  • The key to consistent high performance and an outstanding life is to generate an abundance of physical energy. Then channel this into raising your mental energy and setting a powerful state.
  • The quickest and easiest way to change your state is through your physiology.
  • Two great ways to set your mental state is from the Energy Upgrade and Priming.

In my pursuit of real change, I studied the world’s top performers in a series of complementary areas and put it all together in a synergistic system. The evolution of this has become the Momentum Program.


Momentum works in practice because the research, concepts, and ideas have been translated into tangible, simple habits. And we equip you with the most effective, proven techniques to help you form these new habits and integrate them into your daily life. This is when you experience life transformation.



how to set your state and raise your MENTAL energy

It was 2002, and I was in a room with ten thousand people in London going crazy! People were jumping, dancing, smiling, and hugging each other. No, this wasn’t a nightclub or a concert, or a sporting event. It was a Tony Robbins seminar!


If you who have been to one of his seminars, you can recall how that energy felt.


I remember on day one, first walking into that room, wearing a suit and tie, thinking that this would be like a business conference. I saw people, standing on chairs, dancing—and the seminar hadn’t even begun at that point. For an outsider, this does look crazy.


But as I came to realize over the course of the weekend, Tony had intricately planned every aspect of the seminar. There was a reason for everything.


In this aspect of the seminar, Tony was training everyone there to be able to set a mental state, and access and generate internal energy. Now, this eventually wears out after a few days if you don't make it a habit.


But there is huge power in combining the steps of Morning Momentum to generate that sustainable physical energy every day and being able to hit the “accelerate” pedal whenever you like!


Whether this is because you really need to be on top form, or because you are responding to a setback, it is a critical tool to achieve an extraordinary life.


The physical energy we have generated gives you the reserve needed (and ensures you stay at peak health), but this step allows you to tap into that reserve at any time and increase it, at will.


Maybe you’ve finished a long day at work and are about to see your spouse. Hit the accelerate pedal and greet them like you’ve not seen them for a week! Condition the people in your life to expect happiness and excitement when they see your face, rather than exhaustion.


Perhaps you have an important presentation. You are going to spend time with your kids. You are on holiday and really want to have fun. Just tap into that energy and have a blast!


You can be in control of the energy that you project into the world. Your kids see this energy. So does your partner and the world around you. So be aware and be intentional about the energy you are putting out.


Tony Robbins has a simple framework that he initially used to drive all his progress. It is one that is drummed into attendees on Day One of his seminar: “Unleash the Power Within.” This is the reason everyone was dancing and having so much fun, well that and the fact that seminar days were often 16-hour marathons.


Tony Robbins credits his success to being able to manage his state. (i.e., frame of mind—such as passion, determination, excitement, etc.)


By this, he means that he wasn’t shaped by his environment, he was the one shaping it. Whatever was happening in his environment, he was always in charge. He could flip to any state he wanted to at any time.


The quickest and easiest way to change your state is through your physiology. Simply put, you need to move.


To build the day we want, we want to channel that energy. Every time, we start with the body. This will get the blood flowing around your body and send clear signals to the brain that we mean business. The quickest way to change your state of mind is through physical movement. This will charge you up, increase confidence and get the day really going.


And this is not just allegory, recent research at Harvard found that by moving in a certain way, and having certain posture, it physically changes the body! They found that by being in a powerful state, testosterone increased by 20%, stress hormones decreased by 25%, risk tolerance (your likelihood to act) increased by 33%!1



So, we are going to take all the momentum from the steps so far and push this up into the stratosphere to launch you into the day. Your nervous system will be woken up and engaged.


This is a powerful tool because you can really do it almost anywhere (just not while driving!).


So, it is a great one to use during the day to keep your energy levels high.

I first heard about this technique from Tony Robbins, as part of his daily priming routine. Brendon Burchard also used a similar version at a seminar that I attended. I had the opportunity to meet Brendon, and it was apparent to me that he has a good heart and genuinely cares. He is also one of the world's leading high-performance coaches.


One of the things he said that really stuck with me is this: “Tired is a choice almost all the time.”


At the time, I didn’t really believe this, but after doing his exercise, his point became clear to me. We are in control of our energy level. We just need to focus on it and take control.

Again, it is a lot more sustainable, healthy, and powerful when you have incorporated the steps in Morning Momentum to generate an abundance of physical energy first. But this is another potent way to tap into more energy whenever you need it.

You are going to make energy consciously within yourself. Know that you have this power, so that when people are negative around you, you can upgrade your energy. Next time you feel bad, upgrade. Tired and frustrated? Upgrade. Not ready? Upgrade your energy.


High performers do this 24/7.


You don’t “hope” to have energy, you generate it.


  • Step 1: Breathe in, close your eyes. Give yourself a score 1–10 of physical, mental presence, of your current energy. Turn your mind on. Know what your number is. Visualize a dial on your chest at this number.

  • Step 2: Challenge yourself to level up, to go from 6 to 7 or 8 to 10. Mentally turn the dial, go up that level and really feel it. See what you would see, hear what you would hear, feel what you would feel at this level.

  • Step 3: Go one level up again, without moving. Give yourself that little more energy. How does that feel?

  • Step 4: Think about the impact you can have, the experiences you can get, the people that rely on you, to get your mind revved up. Make it real.

  • Step 5: Go one level up again and feel the energy inside you, energizing every cell, feel how you would feel as a level 10 energy, feel that excitement.

  • Step 6: Open your eyes and start your day in this new, energized state.

This sounds simple, but it really does work. All you need to do is use your mind. Close your eyes and get your mind energized.


Although this sounds silly, remember this strategy is consistently used by the top performers in the world. It will make your day outstanding!


  • Step 1: Select some music that really fires you up. It could be the theme song from Rocky, or my personal favourite, “Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim.

  • Step 2: For 2 minutes, jump and celebrate, be playful, celebrate like you’ve never celebrated before. Amplify that energy, your voice, your body like you’ve had the greatest victory in life. Go crazy. The way you make sound changes your body chemistry dramatically, it goes to the deepest part of your brain and wakes up your nervous system. Make the sounds of being totally excited and alive.

  • Step 3: Now sit down. Take all that energy and internalize it. Feel that energy in you, so you can keep it and access it all day long. Next, anchor this in by squeezing your right hand into a fist while feeling the energy. Later in the day, when you do the same thing, it will trigger the feeling. Sit like you are in the command chair, calling the shots on your life.


There is a longer version of daily priming included in the video above, too.

I personally get the biggest state change from the 3-step prime state exercise. But if this all seems a little weird to you, and you are more of a thinker, don’t worry, just stick to option 1.



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