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“The foundation of a happy, fulfilling, successful life starts with the forces of your physical energy and mindset working in tandem towards your life vision.”


From the book Morning Momentum by Callum (@avocadoninjalife),

Co-Founder Avocado Ninja


Includes the entire integrated Health Secrets Course


  • The most important first step is to start generating an abundance of physical and mental energy.
  • We then need to condition ourselves to take action while feeling happy and fulfilled in the present.
  • The first step is to calm your mind and your nervous system by using the techniques pioneered by Patrick McKeown.
  • The next step is to meditate and use visualisation to put yourself into powerful states. Both Brendon Burchard and Vishen Lakhiani have powerful techniques to do this.
  • Finally, we anchor these states, so we can trigger them to stay in a powerful state all day.

Below, I outline some simple steps that you can do every day to channel your energy into living a joyful life and move rapidly towards your life vision.


In my pursuit of real change, I studied the world’s top performers in a series of complementary areas and put it all together in a synergistic system. The evolution of this has become the Momentum Program.


Momentum works in practice because the research, concepts, and ideas have been translated into tangible, simple habits. And we equip you with the most effective, proven techniques to help you form these new habits and integrate them into your daily life. This is when you experience life transformation.



Consciously direct your energy to create the life of your dreams

By following the approach to health here at Avocado Ninja (and the Momentum Program) you will create an abundance of physical and mental energy.


Energy does come first, but we then need to condition ourselves to take action while feeling happy and fulfilled in the present.


So, the next step is to consciously direct this newfound energy to create the life of your dreams.


There is a powerful way to integrate a whole range of mental techniques that can take your life to a new level.


I now see this set of steps as the most important part of my day.


To do this, calm your mind by breathing through your nose.


In, very lightly, and into the diaphragm for 5 seconds.


Then out very slowly for 5 seconds. Do this for 4 minutes.


This activates the vagus nerve, improves HRV and calms your nervous system.


You can find out more by watching Patrick McKeown/Oxygen Advantage (Instagram: @oxygenadvantage and in the video above.


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step 2 & 3: meditation & visualisation
(mental conditioning)


Then meditate.


This is the most common attribute among all high performers.


Tim Ferriss (Instagram: @timferriss), in his book "Tools of Titans", interviewed 101 people at the top of their game in all disciplines, including elite athletes and billionaires. He found that more than 80 percent of these titans prioritize a daily mindfulness or meditation practice.

I highly recommend:



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six-phase meditation

step 4: anchor your state

This is a well-known tool of Neurolinguistic Programming, which allows you to access a state “on tap.” I've included a great video above, from Mike Sweet (@mikecsweet) that explains anchoring in more detail.


Anchoring allows you to change from an unwanted or neutral feeling to a resourceful feeling in a matter of moments.


And we will want to maintain our powerful state for as much as possible for the rest of your waking hours. The anchor becomes a powerful tool to help you do this.


You already experience this, but randomly. For example, a picture from the past may become an anchor for a particular feeling, for instance, or a voice tone or song may become an anchor for a state of excitement or confidence; or conversely can cause pain.


Imagine what it would be like if you could, in a moment, go from feeling anxious to feeling confident, or from feeling frustrated to feeling focused and capable. We will be setting up this power during this step.


You will finish these steps feeling incredibly excited, mentally focused and full of energy!


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the next level

These are basic steps, and in themselves will transform your life. But to go to the next level, sign up to our Momentum Program. We integrate all the beset strategies and habits together to give you unstoppable momentum and joy in your life!



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