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Experience the benefits of cold water therapy. It's a highly effective way to reduce inflammation, speed up recovery time, and boost cognitive function and energy levels.


Heart Health, Energy Levels, Stress Management, Helps Depression and anxiety, Improves Brain Function, Reduces Inflammation. , Boosts Immune Function, Improves Skin Complexion, Improves Metabolism. (References)


"Amazing quality! The water stays cold and perfectly clean for my daily ice baths. Highly recommended!"

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Boosts energy

Cold exposure leads to your mitochondria getting stronger and multiplying – meaning more energy for your entire body2 3 4 


All the extra oxygen and nutrients being circulated will wake up the brain, enabling it to function faster, clearer, better. 18 19 20 21 22

uplifts mood

Reduces inflammation in the brain that contributes to depression and anxiety. This includes regulating the correct levels of serotonin. 15 16 17

look better

By increasing circulation in your skin, it improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, along with boosting collagen to give your skin a glowing complexion. 37


Entirely handmade-to-order, with possible customizations. Each ice bath is unique, and it has a story to tell. The wood's entire life cycle is revealed to you by its light and dark-coloured rings. Note that the wood will react when in contact with water to tighten the tiny gaps in its pores. Do not leave dry in the sun for more than ten days when hot to prevent wood shrinkage.


Durability and product life


Our wood material is resistant to mould and decay. Thanks to our special coating, the wood will be protected from the sun, the elements, and any salts, minerals, or cleaning chemicals you may choose to add to your ice bath.


Materials and Specs


Made from premium French Oak and Akacia wood
- Added four layers of epoxy resin for UV/Antibacterial protection
- Size 110cm tall / 75cm wide / 110cm long
- Empty weight 82 kg
- Holds 500L of water
- Drainage point with closing and opening mechanism



Shipping rates can vary depending on your region and are calculated at checkout.

Shipping time frame is 4 to 9 weeks


What's included:

- Step stool
- Inside seating
- Bath thermal cover
- Drainage point
- Metal engraving plate

Please make a note in your order for engraving and you will be contacted.

Are the baths and coolers suitable for indoor or outdoor use?

The baths are coated with four layers of organic epoxy resin, which means the wood is sealed and protected from UV rays, rain acidity and bacteria build-up. Easy to clean and maintain due to the glossy layer on top, which preserves colour and texture.


The coolers are water-resistant; the electronic display is protected from water build-up with an extra compartment. The frame body of the machine is rust-resistant. The coolers can work in temperatures as low as -10 degrees C*.

How long does it take to cool the water?

From our testing report on the UltiM ice bath cooler units, it takes:


  • 1 Hour to cool from 13.4 deg. C* down to 5 deg. C*
  • 1 Hour to cool from 5 deg C down to 1 degree C*
  • 5.5 Hours to cool from 22 deg C* to 1 deg. C*


Tests have been done in 400L capacity.

Do you offer installation services?

  • Yes, we offer installation in the United Kingdom. In general, the items will come pre-set; all you have to do is hook your cooler to your bath. The installation service might not be worth the extra 15 minutes you spend installing your device. However, you would need two people to carry the ice bath tub to its desired location.



Cold exposure leads to your mitochondria getting stronger and multiplying – meaning more energy for your entire body.2 3 4.


You will have more energy as a result of increased blood flow, lower stress, and better overall body function.



  1. All the extra oxygen and nutrients being circulated will wake up the brain, enabling it to function faster, clearer, better. You experience an increase in alertness, vigilance, focus, attention, and a tremendous mood elevating response.
  3. As blood flow reaches your limbic system, it can enable you to reach a deep meditative state that normally takes years of meditation practice to achieve! 18 19 20 21 22

Cold showers reduce inflammation in the brain that contributes to depression and anxiety. This includes regulating the correct levels of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Cold showers may even be used to prevent and treat depression.1 Not only that but they have a neuroprotective effect by preventing the loss of synapses in the brain. 15 16 17



By increasing the amount of brown fat in our body (by 45%), our metabolism is boosted, which helps keep weight at a healthy level. 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35


By increasing circulation in your skin, it improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to give your skin a glowing complexion. It also tightens the pores to stop them getting clogged up, along with boosting collagen production.37


Cold water makes your hair stronger and less likely to drop out. It also stimulates hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth.

upgrade your body

  1. Your resting heart rate may decrease by as much as 13–30 beats per minute.24 This is because the vascular muscles are working harder, which means your heart does not have to work as hard. Also improves circulation around the body.36

Low inflammation is the only biomarker to predict survival and cognitive capabilities across every age group. Cold therapy inhibits inflammatory pathways in the body that have been implicated in almost every human disease. 10 11 12 13 14


Cold water therapy has been shown to increase lymphocyte numbers. Increased white blood cell numbers, including cytotoxic T lymphocytes, which are a specialized type of immune cell that kills cancer cells. Increased natural killer T cell number and activity.

Natural T killer cells are another, a type of immune cell that kill viruses and tumour cells.5 6 7 8 9 23







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