methylene blue scientifically proven BENEFITS


Works as a potent antioxidant, slows cellular death, and increases cell viability.


Makes it easier for the brain to re-wire itself. It also enhances cognition and memory and boosts mood.

Increases ENERGY

Increasing NAD+ levels, improving ATP production - the source of energy for most cells.


Reduces inflammation by inhibiting release of pro-inflammatory mediators, such as histamines.

Methylene Blue Information


Application A Polyaromatic Stain
Chemical Formula C16H18N3S•Cl
Chemical Name 7-(dimethylamino)-N,N-dimethyl-3H-phenothiazin-3-iminium chloride
CAS 61-73-4
Molar Mass 319.85 g/mol
Synonyms Methylene Blue, Urolene Blue, Provayblue, Proveblue
Storage Stable at room temperature
Solubility Water, DMSO
Form Solution in purified water
Appearance Metallic, Dark Blue Liquid. Warning: Stains Readily
Extra Notes Caution: stains readily
Terms of Sale This Product is Sold for Research Purposes


MB PURE information

30ml 100ml
Ingredients Methylene Blue USP, Purified Water Ingredients Methylene Blue USP, Purified Water
Bottle Volume 30ml Bottle Volume 100ml
Total MB Content 300mg Total MB Content 1000mg
MB Concentration 10mg/mL MB Concentration 10mg/mL
MB per drop 0.5mg MB per drop 0.5mg


COA results


A high purity Methylene Blue that’s stringently tested to ensure extremely low levels of contamination.

Ingredients: Methylene Blue Solution in a 10 mg/ml concentration


Contains: 30 ml / 100 ml

Suggested Serving Size:
5 drops in 100 - 200 ml water.


Suggested Max Dose: 2 mg / kg of bodyweight per day.


Please Note: This product is only for use in non-clinical research scenarios. Please do your own research (see articles below) before deciding how to use. The information on this page is based on scientific research and is there for information only. We make no recommendations on usage.