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The Story of Avocado Ninja

The Story of Avocado Ninja

We all want an amazing life. To look amazing, to feel unstoppable, to have the energy to be our best in every moment. Whether this is in our professional life, as a parent, with our significant other, friends or any other area that is important to us. To feel alive, charged, with a mind calm, yet firing on all cylinders. Every moment is transformed when you feel like this. And in being this, you are propelled towards your ultimate life. And live like this no matter your age.


Avocado Ninja was born out of this lofty objective, but we (Callum & Annalicia) resolved to find a way; and then share this with as many others as possible.


We spent over 17 years on a journey of discovery, travelling the world, learning from the best, reading and researching. Finding the happiest, most productive and successful people in the world and modelling what they were doing. There was a lot of trial and error, but we found a structure to actually do this.


However, even when you know what works and what these people do, you still have to fit it into a busy life. With the kids running around, a million things to do, so many demands - how on earth do you fit all this in? And that's without focusing on your health! We get it, we have been there - and, often, still are! We are running a business, have a young son to look after, cooking everything fresh, wanting to see friends and have time as a couple. It's not easy. But there is a way.


So, on a practical basis, we have looked at how we can make this really work. Because as soon as it does, everything becomes easier. It's just a matter of flipping to a cycle of growth, rather than struggle. When you get your body working optimally, your energy skyrockets, you feel great about how you look, you feel calmer, more confident... and then life becomes easier and starts rapidly moving in the right direction.

So, How Can You Do This?

So, How Can You Do This?

We Give You Clarity and Certainty about WHAT to do


Our job is to find out what works, whether that is a supplement, health tech, practice, bio-hack or service, we have found what really works, has lasting measurable benefits. In short, we show you what to do, for the maximum results, with the best ROI in terms of time and money. So now you will have the clarity and certainty to know WHAT to do.


We Show You How to Fit it Into a Busy Life (on Any Budget)


Everything we recommend and incorporate into our programs is something you can actually fit into a busy life. We've given a range of time investments, from 20 mins a day to over an hour. And all budgets - from absolutely free to the world's most advanced health tech. We've done all the organising, so you don't have to worry about this step either.


We Help You Stay Consistent and Get Momentum


We've structured everything into habits and routines that make it much more likely you'll keep doing it. And we've also applied practical behavioural science to help you build new habits and stick to them. The techniques we use will make changes easy to stick to. Not only that, but we provide help and support, so when you get stuck, we are there to get you moving again. We've got your back!


We Help You Transform


The most powerful step in transformation, is to transform your identity to the kind of person that you want to be. A key part of this is forming supportive friendships with other people on the same journey. At Avocado Ninja, we are growing a community of like-minded people that will spur you on to be the best version of yourself possible. This is your new home and we welcome you to becoming part of a movement of happy, vibrant, positive, incredible people.

Your Home of Optimal Health & Life

Your Home of
Optimal Health & Life

Avocado Ninja is where we have put everything in one place, all the practices, tools, tech, supplements to support you on your journey to optimal health and your ultimate life.


Momentum, is our flagship program, where we give you everything you need to walk you through the strategies and tactics, the simple daily habits to make an extraordinary life your new reality.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to find the very best the world has to offer in the world of optimal health. We are driven to then giving you everything we can to follow through and take consistent action. We make it practical, powerful and easy to stick to. We want you to get real, measurable results and to feel a huge difference in your life. By helping you transform, our dream is that this will inspire others to grow, and to join our community to create a real, positive change in the world.

About The Founders

About The Founders

Avocado Ninja was created by Callum and Annie, from their own mission to not only survive, but be able to live life to the full! With so many competing demands life was feeling like a constant battle. They developed ways to optimise health and radically improve their energy and state of mind, to grow and appreciate every moment. They are sharing everything they have learned, and made it their mission to help you live your own ideal life.  Here is a little more about Callum & Annie.

How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started?

Get your free copy of the Momentum book, with a free membership section with everything you need to get started.


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