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Green Drinks Guide & FAQ

What Are Green Drinks?

Green drinks are a combination of powdered grasses (wheatgrass, barley grass, kamut grass etc), vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale etc), low-sugar alkaline fruits (avocado, tomato, lemon etc) and sprouted grains (alfalfa, mung, radish etc).

These powders are prepared using extreme care and low heat dehydration (be sure to make sure your greens aren’t flash frozen) to retain the goodness and are a nutritional powerhouse.

pHion Balance have researched, tested and discovered that one scoop of green powder is the equivalent to 1lb of fresh raw vegetables. I’m sure you can imagine the effect you’d soon feel after using three to four scoops per day!


Each green drink varies slightly in it’s content, but all greens at contain a base of the most alkalising ingredients on Earth: wheatgrass, barley grass and a range of dark green vegetables.

Other additions could include MSM, seeds, fibres, clays or other fruits such as noni or mangosteen.

Green drinks are alkalizing, energizing and absolutely packed full of highly nutritious ingredients. When you drink a green drink you are giving your body the gift of highly concentrated dark green goodness and every tool it needs to keep you full of vitality.

Our Green Drink Comparison

The following green drinks are, in our opinion, the best on the market. We have been leading the way in the alkaline diet world for over six years now and have tried and tested every green drink that has been launched - and these are the brands we are willing to put our name to:

Alkaline 16 Greens

This is the newest and most researched & developed of all of the green drinks available on the market today. Developed by Dr Robert Young, the pioneering researcher behind the alkaline diet, Doc Broc is a 4th Generation green drink, following on from Dr Young’s other green drink brands and rounds of development including the Innerlight SuperGreen brand in the late 1990’s through to pHruits & pHoliage.

Tastes very fresh and grassy and is currently my own personal preference of green drink.

Best For: those who want the latest, cutting edge green drink – the highest quality and who are happy to pay for the best.

Find out more about Alkaline 16 Greens & Buy Now

perfectlyhealthy Mega Greens

Mega Greens are unique in that they are made from organically grown grasses (sourced from New Zealand) and MSM – a potent alkaliser, MegaGreens from perfectlyhealthy is our most popular green drink in terms of tubs sold per month. People who use it just
keep coming back for more (and they tell their friends too!).

A neutral tasting green drink, MegaGreens is full of grasses, vegetables, fruits and essential fatty acids – making it a great all
round superdrink.

Best For: those who want a track record, a fresh, neutral taste and great value for money!

Find out more about Mega Greens & Buy Now

Inner Balance - Bio Energy Green

Bio Energy Greens from Tony Robbins’ Inner Balance brand is a consistent success with our customers. Containing fewer, but
more concentrated green food ingredients, the taste is deeper, darker and stronger and you definitely feel an energy hit from drinking it! Per tub the cost is slightly more, but don’t be put off, because each tub gives you 140 serves, making it as cheap as any other green drink on the market.

Best For: those who want a harder energy hit and a fuller flavour.

Find out more about Bio Energy Greens & Buy Now


Green Drink Frequently Asked Questions

Which greens are best?

All of the green drinks we sell at have been tried and tested by the Avocado Ninja staff over the course of the last ten years. They are all great for different reasons (see above).

At the end of the day, all of the green drinks we sell are of the highest quality and they are all:

1. Highly alkalising
2. Manufactured using processes that retain maximum nutritional value
3. Highly bioavailable (meaning the body can easily absorb the nutrients)
4. Contain a wide range of grasses, vegetables & alkalising fruits

So which is best for you depends on your own taste and how the greens work for you. But you can feel safe in the knowledge that whichever of our greens you try – you will be getting full value for money and the very best, most alkalising greens on earth.

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What do they taste like?

Each green drink has it’s own unique flavour, but they are all essentially grassy! Most have quite a neutral flavour that is not ‘strong’ and most people are quite surprised about how unoffensive the taste is! The general consenus is that it just tastes fine. It is not a wonderfully delicious drink, nor is it horribly disgusting. It is just neutral.

My personal pallet gives these results (I feel like a wine taster!)

  • Alkaline 16 Greens: the most neutral tasting, it is quite ‘earthy’ I guess but very neutral and not too strong at all.
  • Mega Greens: probably the most ‘grassy’, the flavour is quite light
  • Bio Energy Greens: the most ‘veggie’ tasting due to its higher Kelp content, quite a strong flavour that most people who try it, love it.

If this is your first green drink purchase I would personally start with either Alkaline 16 or MegaGreens as these are the most neutral tasting – and then try the stronger flavour of Bio Energy Greens.

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How Long Do They Last?

You can get a full run-down and comparison of all of the greens we stock in our Green Drink Comparison Chart, but to briefly give you how many serves are per container and how long each would last you:

(Based on 2.5g (teaspoon) serves – 3 times per day)

As you can see, they vary in terms of price and how many days they will last you, but averaged out over the weeks and months, I really think it is a taste preference. And if you hate the taste and want the capsules, it is obviously a bit more expensive but you’re paying for
the convenience of the capsules!

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What Nutrients Are In Green Drinks?

This varies between different brands, but on the whole you will be getting:

  • Grasses: wheatgrass, barley grass, kamut grass, shave grass & more
  • Vegetables: broccoli, spinach, watercress, cucumber, pepper/capsucum & more
  • Fruits: avocado, tomato, lemon, lime
  • Others: some contain MSM, sprouted grains, seeds, fibres and more

The vitamin and mineral content varies per green drink but you can expect a broad spectrum of vitamins and the most alkaline minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese & zinc)

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Do Green Drinks Contain Gluten?

In short, no. Wheat is different from wheatgrass. The gluten element of wheat is only apparent with the fully grown plant, whereas when harvested as a grass there is no gluten. Commercial wheat also goes through a rough, stored and manipulated manufacturing process that makes it highly acid-forming – whereas the fresh, sprouted wheatgrass is a live, highly bioavailable and nutrient dense – and very, very alkaline.

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Can I Add Green Powders to Smoothies or Juices?

You sure can! Powdered greens can be added to any other beverages – but what you add them to is down to you! I personally add green powder to my juiced vegetables, veggie smoothies and some soups too.

You can’t just add pH drops or green powders to acid-forming drinks like protein shakes to make them more alkalising (there is a scientific reason that is beyond this FAQ) but this will at least increase the nutritional content. But remember, nutrients are less bioavailable (absorbable by the body) when they are consumed with acid-forming foods.

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Do Green Drinks Make My Water Alkaline?

Green powder, on it’s own will not make the water more alkaline, but once consumed the green powder will have a highly alkaline effect on the body. The water you drink greens in should ideally be of a pH of 8 or above (optimally pH 9.5) otherwise you are consuming the nutrients from the greens in an acid-forming solution, thus minimising the effects of the greens.

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Are Green Drinks Antioxidants?

Green drinks are rich in antioxidants from the phytonutrients (nutrients from plant sources) including the spinach, broccoli, capsicum, cucumber, carrots, grasses etc. Dr Young’s pHruits & pHoliage has been specially formulated to contain less of the grasses and more anti- oxidants (and anti-aging) from ingredients such as blueberry, papaya, pomegranate, cranberry, noni and acai (note, the antioxidant and nutrient content of these plant sources has been extracted in the formulation giving all of the alkalising benefits and none of the acid forming sugar).

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Should I Get a Grass Mix or Just Wheatgrass?

I always reccommend a mixture of ingredients to guarantee a good range of nutrients from a wide variety of sources. A grass mix is always more beneficial overall than a straight wheatgrass or barley grass products. I do still use single-grass greens on occasion however, as wheatgrass and barley grass have extremely high chlorophyll and other specific nutrients – so I will use these when I want to get a potent, stronger hit of these.

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How Are Green Drinks Made?

While the process is slightly different across the different greens we have, they generally follow a process to keep the nutrients as safe and in-tact as possible. Generally speaking, they are created using low-heat dehydration (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and ground into a fine powder before being taken through an ionisation process to make the powder electrically active. Beware of products that are created using flash or high-heat dehydration.

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Are Capsules As Effective Than Powder?

Yes capsules are as effective in terms of the nutritional content. To get the full benefits though, ensure you drink plenty (2-3 litres/day) pure water that is around pH 9.5.

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Are There Any Side Effects of Green Drinks?

No. You will feel more health, energy and vitality – but there are no side effects. When you are first starting out, however, and especially if you are coming from a fairly acidic lifestlye – start slow! As mentioned below, sudden high dosages of nutrients can cause feelings of nausea (the same would happen with strong vitamin tablets or even a vegetable juice) as the body cannot cope with the sudden density of nutrients while you still have acid overgrowths (such as yeasts) clogging your system and it puts short term stress on the liver and digestive system. These are not lasting or damaging effects and only last a few minutes. If you do feel nauseous, just have a snack – it goes away immediately.

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I had a green drink and it made me feel nauseous, why?

It is best to start off slow and work up. Try to drink around 1 litre per day for the first week, then two in the second week. You will start feeling benefits immediately - more energy and alertness. People are often tempted to immediately start drinking a large amount, as they feel the initial benefits. However, this could end up with your body quickly detoxing. Although this is not a problem, it could cause cold like symptoms or nausea while your body gets rid of the built up waste in the system. It is better to build up slowly and over time the extra nutrition will help detoxify and rebuild your body at a gentler pace.

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Do green drinks ‘go off’?

Once you have mixed a green drink it will only last an hour or so before it starts to taste different and you lose some of the nutritional benefits. In the tub, the powders have a very long shelf life.

While I cannot guarantee that all tubs will have at least a certain number of months of usage left, we sell through all of this stock very quickly so our stock is always fresh. You should get at least a year of use-by date.

If you have any other questions you can either email me here – or you can now ask directly on the product page. So click on a link
below and ask away!

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