Fruits... Eat or Avoid?

It's important to understand which fruits you can eat and which fruits to avoid when starting the Ninja Path.

Not all fruits are the same - some you can eat as much as you like, but others are acid forming and can cause more harm than good.

In fact, most alkaline food charts are completely wrong when it comes to classifying fruits.

Why So Many Charts Are Wrong!


There are a lot of pH charts out there, but there is really only one main difference. The way they categorise foods.


Most use the PRAL method to calculate the pH of food. In this way the food is burned to an ash and the pH measured. This is great for many applications, but when it comes to our diet it is very misleading. This is because it doesn't take sugar into account! The sugar is all burned off before the pH is measured. This makes it pretty useless measurement for determining how healthy the foods are and gives a misleading pH.


Yes, fruits all have tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but the sheer amount of sugar in these fruits (and the type of sugar - more on that later) causes more damage than it does good.



You Don't have to Avoid All Fruit


Fruit is great as a treat, but there are only a few that should be consumed for health reasons. With your body in balance and otherwise being healthy, it is fine to snack on 1-2 pieces a day. However, we should not eat too much fruit.



The Problem With Fructose


Yes fruit is delicious, but a main reason for this is that it contains a LOT of fructose.


Most types of sugar can be metabolised by virtually all cells in the body. But fructose can ONLY be metabolised by the liver. We didn't evolve to eat the huge amounts of fructose we now consume.


Most standard sugars (table, brown, raw, cane) are 50% glucose and 50% fructose. Glucose, as damaging as it is (acidic, oxidising, inflammatory) can be used by the body if you are fairly active.


However fructose CANNOT be used and puts a huge strain on the liver and pancreas. In fact fructose is not healthy - it is actually worse than normal sugar!


The side effects of fructose metabolism include: weight gain, liver stress, inflammation, uric acid formation (gout) and is also very addictive.



Which Fruits To Eat and Avoid


We are looking for fruits that have an alkaline FORMING effect on the body. That is the effect the fruit has AFTER eating it. This is to do with the amount of alkaline minerals in the fruit and the levels of fructose.



Alkaline Fruits


  • - Lemon
  • - Lime
  • - Avocado
  • - Cucumber
  • - Tomato
  • - Grapefruit
  • - Pomegranate

We know that lemons and limes are acidic in nature. But due to the low fructose and high alkaline minerals, they have an alkaline forming effect on the body.



Acidic Fruits List


Every other fruit not on the list above. We recommend you avoid, or eat only 1-2 servings a day as a treat and only when your body is already in balance and you are healthy.


Fruit Juices, Smoothies and Dehydrating


Juices, smoothies and dehydrating just concentrates the effects of the fruits. So this will magnify the positive and negative effects of any fruits you juice, make smoothies from or dehydrate. Acid ones become even more damaging!



Action Points


Stick within these rules and you will be fine:


- Eat as many alkaline fruits (from the list above) as you like

- Limit acid fruits to 1-2 pieces a day once you are in balance and healthy

- Don't juice or smoothie acidic fruits

- Don't eat dried acidic fruits

- Veggies have just as many nutrients without all the fructose, eat them in abundance!