Super Nutrients - 8 Secret Steps to Total Health Transformation

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Improving health can seem overwhelming and complicated.  We all need more energy, more time and less stress! And to create a body that looks and feels amazing!  

But with all the conflicting information out there, and too much time pressure it is a struggle to make changes and make them stick.

To overcome this, we have modelled the most successful people in the world, the highest performers that get results.  

We have spent time with them, worked with them, travelled the world to attend training programs, applied to ourselves and thousands of others. We have taken all this and made it simple enough to integrate into an already busy life.

We show you exactly what and how to make changes, that will have a powerful and profound effect.

In this article, we show you 8 key areas of the body and the nutrients that can transform each one.

Rebuild Your Body At A Cellular Level

To make a real difference to your body, health and energy levels, you need to renew and fuel your body at a cellular level. This means creating the correct internal environment and giving your body everything it needs to make healthy new cells.

When you look in the mirror, what you see is not "aging", it is not permanent. It is just a result of the inputs we have been putting into our body.

The body renews itself constantly. You get new skin every 2 weeks, red blood cells every few months, new liver cells every year, colon cells refresh
after four days and brain cells every few months. There are plenty of examples of people in their 60's, 70's, 80's that look like they are 30 years younger, and have the energy and vibrancy of a 20 year old. There are plenty more examples of people in their 30's that look 20 years older.

The reason the body degrades over time is that we keep doing the same thing, so we get the same results. If our cells are remade with deficient inputs, then our bodies get deficient cells. We get built up with toxins and free radicals, which "rust" us from the inside out causing aging, sickness and tiredness. If we change the inputs, we change your cells. If we change your cells, we create a new body and change your life.

We have brought together the exact combination of super nutrients give your body everything it needs to heal, rebuild, function at a completely optimum level.

The powerful effects include cells renewing to heal the body and create an incredible physique, skin and hair. An abundant source of energy. Slowed aging, lower stress levels and a laser sharp mind.

This is as much about the synergy between the nutrients as using them in combination has an effect far greater than each individually.

However, you don't need to do all 8 to see incredible changes. Just one has the potential to transform your health. But together they provide a profound difference.

What Are The 8 Steps?




Take Action

Clear the arteries so cells can travel freely

Before we can get the full effects of our lifestyle changes, we need to make sure the highways are clear. Clearing out the arteries normalises blood pressure, boosts blood flow therefore oxygen, nutrients and energy to cells.

This in turn will maximize the effects of everything else we do, it will improve sexual performance, athletic performance, normalise blood pressure, reduce chance of heart problems (one of the biggest killers) and improve energy.


Use L-Arginine & L-Citrulline. Nobel prize winning nutrients that clean the arteries of plaque, dilate arteries and boost blood flow around the body.

Unblock and Clear Digestive System

Most disease starts in the gut, built up pollution creates toxins & pours acids into the blood. What you consume doesn't get absorbed properly due to congestion. So we need to clear our digestive system to ensure nutrients get through to our blood.

This will again maximize the effects of everything else we do, as well as improving concentration, kick-starting weight loss,  decreases risk of colon cancer and increasing fertility.


Use pHlush to dissolve impacted matter in the colon and clear through the digestive system. This stops acids being created, the growth of negative microforms and allows your body to efficiently absorb the nutrients we will be feeding it.

Ensure Cellular Environment is Healthy

Our cells are bathed in fluid with a pH of 7.365. For most of us, our bodies are too acidic. Yeast, fungus, & bacteria thrive, feed on our nutrients, pollute our internal environment and create more acid making us sick and tired. We need to alkalize body to return fluids to alkaline balance.


Use Alkaline Salts to flood the body with alkaline minerals. This will be used to neutralise excess acids and help return the body to an alkaline state.

Super Hydrate With Pure Alkaline Water

There are over 400 chemicals and pollutants in tap and bottled water. Most of the liquids we drink are also acidic. We need to flood our body with pure, alkaline water to replace the fluids in our body and flush out acids and toxins.


Use our Ninja Jug or Ultrastream to create totally pure, alkaline, pristine water. This will change the water in your cells to be optimum for health.

Create Healthy New Cells

Now that the pathways (digestive system and blood) are clear and our environment optimal for cells to live in, we can get to work creating the perfect new cells.

Healthy new cells are created from abundance of nutrients (Greens), chlorophyll (to create new red blood cells) and omega oils (healthy cell membranes).


Green drinks and liquid chlorophyll will give the body the exact nutrients to efficiently build new cells in the body, including new red blood cells. Omega oils will ensure the cell membranes are optimal.

Oxygen and nutrients can be transported around the body to create healthy new cells (liver, colon, skin, etc.)

Protect Cells From Free Radical Damage

Once the new cells have been created we need to neutralise free radicals to make sure they are not damaged (aged).


Molecular hydrogen has been proven by over 1000 peer reviewed studies to penetrate all cells in the body and quickly neutralises free radicals.

Give Cells Fuel For Energy

The cells ideally need a clean source from omega oils and hydrogen to produce huge amounts of energy. Hydrogen is fed directly into the mitachondria (energy producing cells) to create energy!


Fat from omega oils is the cleanest fuel for our bodies to use in conjunction with abundant molecular hydrogen. Our cells mitochondria use hydrogen and fat to create ATP, our cells energy source.

Control Inflammation

The most common ailment that precedes serious disease is inflammation. It is the body's reaction to trauma or an underlying health condition.

Some level of inflammation is needed by the body for healing to occur, but excessive levels can cause considerable health burdens.


Molecular Hydrogen has been proven to reduce inflammation to normal levels with no side effects. Because it is infinitesimally small it can penetrate far more effectively into where it is needed.

It also has the unique ability to reduce inflammation at unhealthy levels back to normal.

We really hope that this information is useful to you, and can help you to reach all of your health and life goals. We have done everything we can to take a lot of information and give you it in as simple and easy to apply format as possible. If you do have any questions, just ask in the comments at the bottom of the page and we will answer you. Have a wonderful day!

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I recently met up with a friend who I hadn't seen since Christmas, and they couldn't believe the way I looked. Sincere thanks for putting the hard work into this, its affected me in ways I never thought possible.

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