Supercharge Your Lymph System For Optimal Health

Author Avocado Ninja / Category Cleanse / Published: 27th January 2019

The lymphatic system is commonly referred to as the body’s sewerage system.

It works by acting in harmony with the blood, surrounding every cell in the body and protecting each one by removing dead cells, blood proteins and any other toxins and excreting them from the body.

The toxins are then removed through our waste products, mucus, or our skin.

The body is hugely dependent upon the lymph system, to the point whereby if the lymph system was shut down for 24 hours you would die as a result of the trapped toxins and proteins surrounding our cells.

Soreness and/or stiffness in the morning, Feeling tired, Bloating, Itchy skin, Holding on to water, Breast swelling or soreness with each cycle, Dry skin, Acne, Brain fog and Cold hands and feet are all signs that your lymph system is congested.

As well as acting as a filter, the lymph system is also able to destroy bacteria, viruses and abnormal cells, such as cancer cells. The lymphatic system also plays a huge role in the effectiveness of our immune system.

So, getting the lymph system working is also extremely beneficial!

The antidote!

The lymph that is collected around the body drains through two ducts into the blood, which are located at the base of the neck (around the thoracic duct).

By breathing we stimulate the flow of the lymph, and through deep breath we can encourage the flow to be both cleansing and powerful.

Once we breathe, the duct sends the lymph into our blood flow, then onto the liver where it metabolises and then onto the kidneys where the toxins are filtered.

Deep breathing is so important because, unlike our blood flow, the lymph system does not have a ‘pump’ to push the lymph fluids around our bodies.

Rather, the lymph system requires the muscular movement which is created by breathing.

How Do I Cleanse The Lymph System?

If you can give yourself five to ten minutes each day to practice deep, cleansing ‘power breathing’ then you will reap the rewards.

This is one of the best, most effective exercises you can do for free, every day.

Breathing with this technique will create a vacuum in the thoratic duct which drives the lymph around the body.

This consists of breathing in the following ratio:

  • Breathe in for 1 count;
  • Hold for 4 counts;
  • Breathe out for 2 counts.

For example – if you were to breath in for four seconds, then you would hold your breath for sixteen seconds and then breath out for eight. This drives the lymph around the body.

Also, 70% of the toxins inside of your body are removed through the lungs - so you are also expelling toxins while driving the lymph system!

If you can do this ten times, three times a day (morning, evening and before bed) you will notice a huge difference to your energy, your clarity and your ability to ward off illnesses.

Even just one round of 10 breaths per day will produce noticeable cleansing effects.



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