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A pair of self-adhesive straps which will convert almost all shoes or sandals into Grounding Footwear. You will then be grounded when on any conductive surface, such as grass, earth, sand, or concrete.
Developed for anyone looking to enhance their performance and recovery by training competing grounded.
The unique design is easy to install and gives typical durability as follows:
  • On grass, straps used on boots or trainers can last for 1 or more years.
  • Running on hard tracks for one hour sessions, the user will get an estimated 10-25 sessions.
  • Walking on hard tracks for one hour sessions, the strap will last 30-50 sessions.
  • General walking on soft paths and grass, the strap will last 50+ sessions.
The pack includes 2 straps, either for a pair of shoes for optimal grounding of both feet, or two different shoes.
Wearing our highly conductive grounding socks with the shoe straps further improves the connection to your skin.
The shoe straps fit permanently, although they can be removed and/or replaced by peeling off carefully. If removing completely, sticker remover or alcohol swab can be used to remove any minor glue residue.


If you do not love our Grounding Shoestrap for any reason, simply get in touch and let us know.

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