Ultrastream Benefits

The UltraStream has the following amazing benefits:

    • TASTES AMAZING: With impurities removed and minerals added, UltraStream water is great to drink and delicious!
    • ALKALISING EFFECT: Molecular Hydrogen is a potent alkaliser.
    • NEGATIVE ORP EFFECT: Molecular Hydrogen has a highly negative Oxidative Reduction Potential. This is the measure of antioxidant power in liquids.
    • HYDROGEN HEALTH BENEFITS: The Ultrastream produces 3 times the amount of hydrogen and in a more stable form than electric water ionizers. The smaller amount of hydrogen produced by an electric ionizer only stays beneficial for around 2 minutes. The UltraStream lasts for over 2.5 hours. You can view the 1000 clinical studies on the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen here.
    • LABORATORY TESTED:It is the ONLY laboratory tested device for Hydrogen Production.
    • CONSTANTLY UPDATED TECHNOLOGY: Unlike electric water ionisers, the UltraStream’s filter cartridge actually contains the media that ionizes, alkalizes and infuses hydrogen. So when you change a filter, you get a brand new one, which will incorporate any updated technology we have implemented. That’s why we call it an ‘eternal’ system. Your UltraStream will never go out of date and contain all the latest upgrades!
    • EU CERTIFIED EXTREME FILTRATION: The only water Ioniser in the world with stringent EU Certification. UltraStream features on-board extreme filtration using the best media in the world. Tested and approved to be at least 3 times more effective than ionizer filters. Electric Ionizers only have a small basic onboard filter, which necessitates the use of expensive bulky pre-filters.
    • PROPRIETARY BIOCERAMIC SPIRAL PATTERNING TECHNOLOGY: Features cutting edge "Bio-Ceramics" to naturally filter the water! Reduces unpleasant tastes, chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, pesticide, heavy metals - more than any electronic ionizer!
  • REMINERALISES: Adds back in all the beneficial minerals you would get in the world's most healthy water! 
  • COST EFFECTIVE: UltraStream is 1/3 the cost of an average ionizer.
  • FAST & CONVENIENT: The flow rate of the UltraStream is 1 litre per minute, which produces high pH, Hydrogen and the best ORP in a fraction of the time of an electric ionizer and other filtration methods.
  • LIFETIME PERFORMANCE: Electric ionizers rely on electrical plates that degrade over time. The UltraStream life-of-filter independent laboratory filter is tested to perform at the same high level for the ENTIRE LIFE! Because all of UltraStream's filtering, alkalizing, energizing and ionizing takes place within it's drop in replacement filter, it means you get a new water alkalizer, filter and ionizer with every filter change!
  • WORLD-CLASS PRODUCTION IN CALIFORNIA: UltraStream is made in a state-of-the-art lab in California, with the highest levels of certification. It is an approved and certified manufacturing facility. Most ionizers are mass-produced in China.
  • SPACE SAVING & BEAUTIFUL: Unlike bulky electric ionizers and prefilters, the UltraStream fits nicely on your counter top. It is sleek and space-saving. There is also an option for an under sink kit.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Because electric ionizers split the water, you waste a huge amount. The UltraStream doesn't do this, which makes it 66% more water efficient. The filter media is green-approved by California’s environmentally conscious legislators.
  • MAGNESIUM INFUSION: While this is impossible in an electric ionizer, the UltraStream can infuse magnesium into the water.
  • AMAZING TASTE: Creates softer water with longer lasting beneficial characteristics due to the use of crystal quartz, tourmaline and ceramic magnets
  • PORTABLE: The UltraStream is small enough to take with you and requires no electrics.
  • WARRANTY & SUPPORT: Our offices are based in Northamptonshire, UK. The unit also comes with a 3-YEAR WARRANTY.
UltraStream produces the even better alkaline ionized antioxidant water as water ionizers 3-10 times the price.