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Welcome to the Total Cleanse Program: Your Path to Optimal Health with Avocado Ninja! Join the health revolution with Callum, co-founder of Avocado Ninja, as he guides you through a transformative journey to peak health.


By Callum @ AvocadoNinja

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Includes the entire integrated Health Secrets Course


  • Insights from Avocado Ninja's Founders: Understand the personal health journey of Callum and Annie, and how their experiences shaped the development of The Total Cleanse Program.
  • Key Principles of Optimal Health: Learn the essential health principles that Callum and Annie discovered through extensive research and modelling successful health practices.
  • Overview of The Total Cleanse Program: Gain knowledge about the structure and goals of The Total Cleanse Program, including how it aims to cleanse, rejuvenate, and optimise your body.
  • The Power of Practical Health Steps: Discover the importance of practical, day-to-day health practices and how they can lead to significant improvements in your well-being.
  • Understanding the Compound Effect in Health: Learn about the compound effect of sequential health steps in The Total Cleanse Program and how each step builds upon the previous one for maximum impact.
  • Differentiating Effective Health Strategies: Find out what sets The Total Cleanse Program apart from typical health advice, focusing on clarity, effectiveness, and real, lasting change.
  • Personal Health Transformation Stories: Hear about Callum's personal transformation, providing motivation and a real-life example of the program's potential to change lives

Hello, I'm Callum from Avocado Ninja. Together with my wife Annie, we've spent years peeling back layers of health myths and half-truths, leading us to some remarkable discoveries about well-being and vitality.


It's these insights that form the backbone of our Total Cleanse Program, something we believe could be a game-changer for you.

This program isn't just a collection of health tips; it's the distillation of our personal journey and relentless research into something tangible and transformative. We're not promising miracles, but we are offering a chance to explore a different approach to health—one that we've lived and seen the benefits of, first-hand.


Why does this matter? Because amid the clutter of health fads and quick fixes, finding a path that genuinely resonates and brings lasting change is rare. And we think we've found it. So, if you're curious about how this journey might reshape your approach to health, stick around. Let's explore what real change can look like when you start from within.

Embarking on a Health Revolution: Our Story at Avocado Ninja

I want to congratulate you for being here and welcome you to The Total Cleanse Program. We have dedicated our lives to achieving optimal health. To do this, we have learned from the very best and modelled the people really achieving results.


We've attended health training and retreats across the world, tapped into our network of health experts, tested foods, supplements, tech, equipment, tools, and techniques. We've found out what works, and put it all together in a sequence that powerfully multiplies the results, as well as being easy to actually do.


So you have here the result of all this, broken down into simple steps so you can tap into all of this really easily.


Why Your Health Choice Today Shapes Tomorrow

And, I just want to celebrate you for a moment. By being here you're one of the few people in the world that have prioritised their health. By doing this, you understand that - the whole of life is driven by your health.


And together, we are going to SET UP your health, to give you that ENERGY, to DRIVE your day, to give you that SPARK and make sure you get the most out of everything you do. To be at your best, to perform your best, to really be your full expression of who you truly are. To have that positive impact on all those around you that you love.


Amplifying Your Health, Step by Step

And the best place to start is the absolute foundation. And this is to clear out and cleanse your body. Let's get going on the first step to your total health and life transformation! This program is going to teach you the critical steps to completely clear out, cleanse, and optimise your body.


It's going to give you all the tools I've learned from the past 17 years, studying the very best in the world, going to advanced health retreats and summits, and modelling the people that are producing the results. Rather than just looking at what 'health experts' are teaching, I’m looking at highly successful people living happy fulfilled lives. And seeing what they are doing. I’m looking at the feedback from our thousands of customers and followers.


It is the result of testing out hundreds of different products and tools and working out which are the best and really work. And most importantly… what's practical and easy to apply on a day-to-day basis. By the end of this, you'll have everything you need to be able to completely cleanse and clear your body and set up this critical foundation.


This will mean everything else we're going to do in Health Secrets and beyond will give you the BEST POSSIBLE results. It’s important to realise that each step of health secrets multiplies the next step. I’ve put together not only all the tools and practices but the specific order to get the maximum results.


And I want to reassure you. This is NOT like a typical cleanse which is just focused on clearing out. This is one part of what we do. But we are also going to make sure that your body is working optimally. We are getting everything primed here for all the other steps I’m going to teach you in Health Secrets.

my Personal Odyssey: From Struggle to Strength

Now, I don’t know if you’ve heard my story, but when I first started on my journey, I really wasn't thinking about optimal health. I just wanted to feel better and get myself out of a mess. I was constantly tired.


I had terrible acne all over my body, I had aches and pains, I was overweight and bloated, and every day was a struggle. I was in and out of hospital with back issues. On top of this, I had always suffered from anxiety but had also started to develop quite bad depression. Through all this, my life had spiralled downwards to the point where I was in huge debt and alone.


So, at this point, really, I was just looking for answers and I realised that what was underlying most of my problems was my health. So I did everything I could to look into the world of optimal health. I studied people who had what I wanted - happy, vibrant lives with lots of energy and enthusiasm. I wanted that spark, that spring in my step


. So, I found out what these people were doing and applied it. This took years of trial and error but eventually resulted in a complete health transformation which then created a complete life transformation. I developed a way of doing this that is different from everything else out there. A way that is easy to understand and apply and really sticks.


The Avocado Ninja Method: Real Health, Real Results

I know any new changes can feel daunting. And the way that health advice is given, in the mainstream media, I'm not surprised. All information there is designed for maximum confusion and contradiction with minimal clarity and not really any clear steps of what to do. Or even if it appears clear, like '5 steps to health or better skin, or a brighter mood', it’s really kind of vapid and not very powerful. It doesn’t really go through the complete set of steps in the right order to create real lasting change.


BUT… This is how things are sold - if they just gave you the clear answers…. the traffic, the magazine purchases, the sales would just stop. So there is no motivation for mainstream media to give clear steps that actually work. They just want things that will keep you coming back and clicking. So, we are doing something different here. I've designed this course to focus on steps that really do work. These took 17 years to find. I completely demystify everything and then give it to you in a way that you can do step by step. And don’t miss this important distinction... The magic is in the order of the steps. And the power is in compounding. Because everything is in the right order, each step will multiply and compound the effects of the next step. This IS really exciting… and it really works.


A Vision for Lifelong Vitality: Our End Goal at Avocado Ninja

What we're all about here at Avocado Ninja is the end goal. Which is to live your life to its fullest. Which is why myself and Annie started all this… to give you everything you need so that your health does not hold you back - but propels you forwards.


And give you the energy to really LIVE every day and make the most out of every moment in life. We are talking about waking up refreshed, optimistic and being launched into the day with so much energy, enthusiasm and joy - to really live life feeling strong, positive, charged.


Ageing Redefined: Embracing Strength at Any Age

What we're all about here at Avocado Ninja is the end goal. Which is to live your life to its fullest. Which is why myself and Annie started all this… to give you everything you need so that your health does not hold you back - but propels you forwards.


And give you the energy to really LIVE every day and make the most out of every moment in life. We are talking about waking up refreshed, optimistic and being launched into the day with so much energy, enthusiasm and joy - to really live life feeling strong, positive, charged.


A Journey of Optimism: Stronger Today, Stronger Tomorrow

So let’s choose to live life optimistically and look forward to a future in which we get stronger and better. And to get to this point, I’ve found that it is really not difficult. It seems difficult because we’ve been doing all the wrong things. OR some of the right things, but in the wrong order. So, I’m here to tell you exactly what to do, in the right order to produce these results. That's why I started with the mental habits that you will need to make lasting changes.


Because without this, you won't be able to apply very much. And certainly won't be able to make it stick, and be consistent. And it is consistency that gives us all the results. And… Please don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed. I am explaining things here so that you get an understanding of what we are doing, and feel motivated to apply it. But everything really does boil down to a set of simple steps.


Your First Step to a Transformed Life: Join the 'optimal digestion' Module

Now, go to the “Optimal Digestion” module as the first step towards your total health and life transformation. Join us in clearing out your body of built-up toxins and optimising your health journey.


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