• Supports antioxidant defenses

      • Supports the gut microbiota

      • Supports cognitive function

      • Supports mood


A good source of lignans is sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum). Lingans are a type of polyphenol, and they act as antioxidants like other polyphenols.


The gut microflora breaks down lignans. The gut microbiota and lignans are both affected by this process.


Generally speaking, lignans shape gut microbiota populations. They may, therefore, affect the gut-brain axis.


In addition to containing tocopherols and tocotrienols, sesame seeds are a source of compounds with vitamin E activity.


A variety of biological functions are influenced by sesame lignans, both individually and in combination. About 16 different lignans can be found in sesame seeds, but sesamin has been the most extensively researched.


The molecules sesamin and BDNF contribute to the repair and growth of the nervous system in animal studies. In addition, it has also counteracted the effects of stress on behavior, influenced both cardiovascular and liver health positively, and influenced healthy aging processes. Human studies have replicated some of these findings [1–3].


Brain function


  • Supports learning and memory [4–9]
  • Supports serotonin signaling [10]
  • Supports adrenergic signaling [10]
  • Supports acetylcholine signaling [5]
  • Supports brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) [5,6,8]
  • Supports brain mitochondrial function [6]
  • Supports neuroprotective functions [5,9,11–16]
  • Supports auditory function [17]
  • Supports blood-barrier function [18]




  • Supports healthy behavioral and physiological responses to stress [7,8,10,19–22]


Antioxidant defenses


  • Supports antioxidant defenses (SOD, CAT, GSH) [7,13]

  • Supports the Nrf2 signaling pathway [7,23]

  • Supports phase II antioxidant enzymes (HO-1 and NQO1) [7]

  • Counters ROS production and oxidative stress [2,13,15,24]

  • Counters lipid peroxidation [13]


Gut microbiota


  • Supports the composition of the gut microbiota [10,24]

  • Supports intestinal barrier function [10]

  • Supports GI Nrf2 signaling [23]


Immune system


  • Supports general immune health [25]

  • Supports adaptive immunity [26,27]

  • Supports immune system communication [28–31]




  • Supports skin photoprotective functions [32,33]


Healthy aging and longevity


  • Supports liver function [13,34]

  • Supports healthy metabolic function [6,35–37]

  • Supports cardiovascular health [35,38–41]

  • Supports mitochondrial function [7,42]

  • Supports autophagy [43,44]

  • Extends lifespan (Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans) [15,25,45,46]


Complementary ingredients


  • Astaxanthin in supporting cognitive function [47] and recovery from mental fatigue [48]

  • Schisandra chinensis—another source of lignans—to support liver health [49] and blood fluidity [50]

  • Quercetin to support neuroprotective functions [51,52]

  • Vitamin E to support as an antioxidant and to support sleep and counter fatigue [53]

  • Vitamin E for immune support [54]

  • Dietary sesame seed and sesamin enhance vitamin K [55] and vitamin E status [55–59]

  • Dietary supplementation of sesamin supports essential fatty acid metabolism and status [60–64]

  • Lipoic acid to support fatty acid metabolism [65]


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