• Supports antioxidant defenses

      • Supports healthy gut microbiota

      • Supports healthy aging

      • Supports skin health


Rosemary belongs to the mint family. "Dew of the sea" is the common name of this plant, derived from Latin.


The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Latins used rosemary as a spice and herb, and it thrived along the coasts, particularly in dry climates throughout the Mediterranean.


This plant contains a variety of polyphenol-rich compounds, such as carnosic acid, rosmarinic acid, and diterpenes (e.g., carnosol, carnosic acid).


More than 90% of the antioxidant activity of rosemary leaves is attributed to the diterpenes carnosol and carnosic acid [1].


Skin health*


  • Influences ECM breakdown enzymes [3]

  • Supports free radical scavenging [4]

  • Helps quench free radicals [3,5]

  • Supports skin antioxidant defenses [6]

  • Supports Nrf2 signaling [7,8]

  • Counters ROS-induced premature senescence [7]

  • Supports skin DNA integrity and repair [3,5,9]

  • Supports immune signaling [10–13]

  • Supports skin in adapting to environmental stress [9]

  • Influences AhR signaling [14]


Antioxidant defenses*


  • Supports antioxidant defenses [15–21]

  • Counters reactive oxygen species (ROS) production [16]

  • Supports Nrf2 signaling [7,22,23]

  • Supports phase II detoxification enzymes [24,25]


Brain function*


  • Supports neuroprotective functions [19,23]

  • Supports brain antioxidant defenses [23]

  • Counters ROS production and oxidative stress in the brain [16,19,23]


Gut microbiota*


  • Supports healthy gut microbiota [26]

  • Supports healthy gut microbial metabolism [26]


Healthy aging and longevity*


  • Supports maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels [18]

  • Supports maintenance of healthy insulin sensitivity [21]

  • Supports healthy body weight [21]

  • Supports maintenance of healthy blood/liver lipid levels [21,27]

  • Supports AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) signaling [27–29]

  • Supports SIRT1 and SIRT6 signaling [30]

  • Counters advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) production [21,31]

  • Influences immune signaling [18,21]


Complementary Ingredients*


  • Supports joint health [48]

  • Supports muscle recovery and contraction [49]

  • Lycopene to support skin health [32,33]

  • Citrus extracts to support skin health [2,34]


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