By Callum @ AvocadoNinja


  • Rather than being a mysterious external force, our physical and mental energy is something we can control.
  • There are specific mechanisms we can harness, built into our body, that will unlock vast reserves of energy you were always meant to have.
  • Whatever your dream life looks like, you need energy to make it happen.
  • By channelling huge amounts of energy into specific mental states, we can swiftly move towards our goals.
  • Happiness and fulfilment is about the present moment, and being full of energy and in powerful mental states will give you this state of being to really make the most of life.

Do you frequently feel like you don’t have enough energy? Low energy? Or even, no energy at all? Well, in this article you will learn a different way of viewing energy, as something you control. And by unleashing this powerful force, you can feel incredible every moment, while growing and creating your best life


We tend to choose words that make our energy levels a mysterious external force and put us completely out of control of this vital resource. Our words are powerful, and the way we talk to ourselves has a profound effect on how we feel. So, this shift in understanding can, in itself, change the way you feel.


Brendon Burchard compares the body to a power plant, saying, “You don’t have energy, you generate energy." This idea transformed my attitude toward energy management throughout the day


Once you realize that you are responsible for generating energy, and you have the tools to do it, energy is something you can control.


Let’s look at what you need to do to generate energy and identify the simple steps to creating more when you need it.


There are a lot of products out there that promise “more energy”, and a lot of this is marketing hype. Most of these quick-fixes provide short term “boosts” of energy at a cost.


At Avocado Ninja, we instead focus on the specific mechanisms for both our body and mind, that create sustainable, long term, health giving energy. Where your body is getting stronger every day and performing optimally and powerfully.


These mechanisms are pathways that are hardwired into our body, having evolved this way over millions of years. You will learn how to run your body the way it has evolved to run. You will unlock vast reserves of energy you were always meant to have. These are the same ways that some of the most successful people of our time use to create such phenomenal lives.


The key, then, is to channel all of this energy into powerful states that will drive your thinking, decisions and actions. Energy is power, it is charisma. Everything in life is fuelled by your energy and truly creates a life well-lived.


Whatever your dream life looks like, it will only be achieved through having the energy to actually do it!   Whether this is to succeed at work, in your business, to be an amazing parent, friend, partner. To have an impact in your world on the people around you, or even to change the world.


But, this is also about this very moment, the present. If you really think about it, it’s how you feel moment to moment that defines our life. To feel happy, calm, fulfilled. To have that spark and energy that lights you up and the people around you.

You would love to feel great all the time, right?

The fastest way to change how you feel is through the body.  So, if we change the way our body is functioning, we create a better state and from this will flow a better life.


There are certain steps you need to follow to generate physical and mental energy.


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