The Ninja Club Zone


You will find here all the resources you need to transform your health and your life.
The five sections below have come from our extensive research into the strategies and habits of people full of natural energy,

incredible bodies, vibrant health and a clear, focused, joyful mind.


These are all provided to you FREE to help you create your own incredible life!


  • Alkaline food helps the body stay in balance, freeing up huge amounts of energy, it cleanses the body and builds healthy new cells.   In combination with the other steps of the Ninja Path this will make a huge impact on your energy, body and mind.

  • Download your FREE guide to Alkaline Food to learn more about:


  • - How your current lifestyle can be causing you to have low energy, weight gain, mental fog, low libido and how to reverse all this.
  • - The basics of alkalising – how to get started right away
  • - The one misunderstanding that can hold you back
  • - The five rules of alkalising that give you all you need to know
  • - How to use the alkaline food chart to create meals
  • - Benefits of alkalising and the dangers of acid
  • - What to eat and what to avoid - incuding a food list


  • We know that we should drink more water, but often overlook this important part of health. Drinking the correct amount will have profound effects but drinking the right KIND of water will send your health into the stratosphere!

  • Download your FREE guide to Super Water to learn more about:
  • - What to avoid: What you are currently drinking may be robbing you of your health and energy, causing premature ageing
  • - What Super Water is and EXACTLY how to create this at home (including the 4 secrets)
  • - How much you need to drink for optimal hydration
  • - Tips on how to stay hydrated, even with a busy schedule




    • The Mind part of the Ninja Path is focused on tools and techniques used by some of the most successful people in the world, as part of their daily habits.


      We have split these down into three "M"'s which cover everything needed for a clear, focused and directed mind to transform your life!
    • Download your FREE guide to Zen Mind to learn:

    • - How to get and stay motivated
    • - Be effortlessly “pulled” towards your goals
    • - Effectively track your goals to keep momentum
    • - Create a sense of greater happiness and contentment
    • - Reduce stress, anger, anxiety and fatigue
    • - Improve memory, focus and develop faster thinking



    • If you are serious about getting healthy, then you have to get serious about getting fit!


    • When you exercise regularly you give your body so much of a boost and you really do maximise all the other areas of the Ninja Path!


    • Download your FREE guide to Kick-Ass Exercise to learn:
    • - The RIGHT kind of aerobic exercise, used by top performers, to unlock huge energy, lose weight and heal the body
    • - Exercise TIPS to do the right amount, keep motivated and consistent
    • - Learn the QUICKEST, EASIEST and SIMPLEST anaerobic exercise that doesn’t involve a gym membership
    • - Increase metabolism, energy, lower blood pressure and increase confidence!


    • To make a real difference to your body, health and energy, you need to renew and fuel your body at a cellular level.  


    • We believe that we have brought together the exact formula of super nutrients, that give your body everything it needs to heal, rebuild, function at an optimum level.
    • Download your FREE guide to Super Nutrients to learn:

    • - The secret steps to total body transformation
    • - Which super nutrients to use to cleanse and rebuild your body
    • - How to ensure your body is clean, clear and operating optimally
    • - How to create healthy new cells
    • - Protect cells from damage and therefore ageing
    • - Ways to give your cells the cleanest most efficient fuel to generate energy
    • - Control and eliminate inflammation

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