Molecular Hydrogen


        • Protection from cognitive impairment [1]
        • Support antioxidant activity [2]
        • Lowers muscle fatigue [3]
        • Prevent inflammation in bones and liver [6]
        • Support antioxidant activity [7]
        • Improve condition in chronic dialysis [8]


It is a combustible, colourless, and odourless gas that, in some cases, can be used as a reducing agent. Previously, it was assumed to be physiologically inactive in mammalian cells and would not react with active substrates in biological systems. H2 has recently emerged as a new medicinal gas with a wide range of possible uses and found to have both preventative and therapeutic benefits in a variety of organs, including the brain, heart, pancreas, lungs, and liver. H2 has a role in oxidative stress and has anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic properties. It not only acts as a safe and effective illness therapy, but it also causes scientists to reconsider the role and advantages of medicinal gas in the human body [4].


As a medicinal antioxidant, molecular hydrogen has advantageous physicochemical characteristics. It has no charge and is even smaller than molecular oxygen. As a result, it can easily pass through cell membranes and diffuse into cellular organelles including the nucleus and mitochondria. Furthermore, because H2's reactivity is so low, it doesn't react with crucial physiologically relevant ROS involved in cell signaling. Hydrogen does not influence physiology, temperature, blood pressure, pH, or pO2, and has never been known to be hazardous at quantities much above clinically therapeutic doses. When too much H2 is supplied, it is simply exhaled through the lungs .




  • Prevent cognitive impairment [1]
  • Prevent brain injury [1]
  • Prevent neuropathic pain [1]
  • Reduce brain edema [5]


Cellular Activity


  • Support antioxidant activity [2]
  • Reduce oxidative stress [2]
  • Bring cell back to homeostasis




  • Slows accumulation of lactate in muscles [3]
  • Lowers muscle fatigue [3]




  • Reduce inflammation [6]
  • Promote antioxidant activity [6]




  • Prevent liver injury [6]
  • Reduce inflammation [6]




  • Support antioxidant activity [7]




  • Improvement of conditions in chronic dialysis patient [8]


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