cleansing your internal fluids

Transform Your Health with Super-Water Hydration: Unlock the secret to optimal health by understanding the importance of super hydrating with the right kind of water.

By Callum @ AvocadoNinja


Includes the entire integrated Health Secrets Course


      • Importance of super hydrating: drinking more and the right kind of water.
      • Aim to drink at least three litres of water per day.
      • High-performance individuals prioritise water intake.
      • Avoid health-robbing water like tap and bottled water.
      • Learn about 'Super Water' and its health-boosting properties.

To clear and cleanse our internal fluids, we need to drink more water. In fact, we need to super hydrate.


‘Super’ in this case means two things drinking MORE water and the RIGHT KIND of water, which I call ‘Super-Water’.


SO, in order for our body to function effectively, and most importantly during a cleanse, it is vital that we super hydrate in the body.

The Need for Super Hydration

And by this, I mean drinking at least three litres of water per day.


Now I know this may seem a lot to you at the moment and this is certainly something you can build up to. But just be aware of the amount of water you're drinking on a daily basis.


Almost all of the high-performance people that I have modelled make sure that they drink enough water.


Even if they are running ten companies, giving talks around the world, or anything else.. they absolutely prioritize their water intake which shows how much of a difference it makes.

The Quality of Water Matters

The most important thing when we are drinking this amount of water, is to be very aware of the water quality.


Most people don't realise just then how unhealthy bottled and tap water is.


So it is highly advisable to take control of your water quality and use a high-quality water filter.


There are 3 types of water...

Health Robbing Water, as I described just now and includes tap and bottled water.

Neutral Water: This will simply quench your thirst.

And Super Water... Over the years I gradually created what I believe is the best possible water. I’ve called this ‘Super Water’ as it is something that actually boosts our entire body, every time we drink it.

The Properties of Super Water

It's completely pure. So getting a very good filter is the most important foundation.


It contains an abundance of minerals. Most people are deficient in minerals, and magnesium alone is critical in over 300 bodily processes. A huge amount of health issues are caused by mineral deficiency so this helps correct this.


It has an alkaline pH. Your body needs to help free the burden on your body from excess acids. It can also be absorbed into cells much more efficiently.


It is infused with molecular hydrogen. Molecular Hydrogen is what is present in the 'healing' waters you find around the world and now has over 1,200 peer-reviewed studies proving its miraculous health benefits.


It is structured. Not only that but it is transformed into a special structure called exclusion zone water, or EZ water. This is created by the vibration of the water moving over rocks and through streams. Replicate this by blending your water! This has a unique composition that matches that in our cells, so it makes it much better for the body to use.


Option 1: Basic Clean Water: Just make sure that your water is pure by at least using a standard high street filter. Do not drink tap or bottled water! Just as an example, recent studies found over 500,000 shards of microplastics in the average bottle of water!

Option 2: Pure, Mineralised, Alkaline, EZ Water: We developed the Ninja Jug which is leagues better than these.

Option 3: The Very Best: We discovered and have been using the Ultrastream for over 10 years now, which is highly recommended.

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