Green Juice Recipes

Green Juice and Smoothie Recipes

In the following pages, I am going to show you how to dramatically improve your health and increase your energy. This is through the miracle of making juices and smoothies! Keep reading, and you will see how making yourself a fresh juice (or drinking a green drink if you don't have the time) will give your body everything it needs to create unstoppable energy and vibrant health.

Our bodies are just like a juicer - they mash up the food we eat into as close a liquid as possible. This is then transported through the digestive system where the body works hard to extract all the nutrients. Why not do as much as the work for our body as we can? This way we get the maximum amount of nutrients from the minimum energy expenditure by the body.  So instead of eating greens, we can drink them!

Join me as I go through the reasons why juices are so great, the proven health benefits, some great tips and our amazing Energise juice and smoothie recipes to get you started!

A green vegetable juice is about as close to nutritional perfection as it’s possible to get.


Top Reasons Juices Are Good For You

Nutrients Your Body Can Instantly Use

When we start drinking green vegetable juice we take in large quantities of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients in a highly bio-absorbable form. Multi-vitamin and mineral tablets are trying to achieve the same effect but they mainly use man made "look alikes!".  These usually just pass through the body, creating the famous "glowing urine" as the vitamins are not absorbed.


Easy To Digest

The more energy a body must use to digest, assimilate, and utilize nutrients in food, the less energy we end up with. (Think of your last huge Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner!).  Sadly, the normal Western diet of processed foods requires almost as much energy to digest the food as we receive from it!  Juices are a great way of boosting energy, as the body gets what it needs with very little effort.


Green Power - Its Live Raw Food

A huge benefit of freshly made juice is that it is raw. Look at the Kirlian photographs of raw versus cooked cabbage to remind yourself of the energetic qualities that raw foods possess. Eating raw will give you the maximum nutrient load, and also ensure that delicate nutrients (such as enzymes) are preserved. Raw food is the only way to get live enzymes!


Health Benefits Of Green Juices and Smoothies

These super healthy and delicious green drinks contain a high content of vitamins, plant sterols and minerals, including all the alkaline ones such as potassium, magnesium and calcium.  Smoothies can also contain healthy fats (omega oils), protein and fiber.

Recent studies from the European Food Standards authority show the natural nutrients found in juices have a wide array of proven health benefits.  The majority of people today suffer from numerous health complaints.  So introducing juices to your life is fantastic as it heals and nourishes the body.  I have listed a few of the main benefits below, but this is only really scratching the surface.

  • Increasing Energy:  We have already mentioned one way green juices help by boosting energy.  But they also provide nutrients that helping with energy metabolism, oxygen transport and iron metabolism.  They have also been proven to reduce tiredness and fatigue!
  • Immune System: They help aid the immune function, through providing an abundance of vitamin A and Iron.
  • Healthy Heart: For people with heart problems, or who want to maintain a healthy heart, juices are excellent.  They provide a natural source of vitamin C, K, calcium, thiamine, riboflavin, b6, folate, iron and potassium.  These all help get the heart and blood functioning normally.  Also high blood pressure can be normalized through green juice as it contains potassium!
  • Lose weight:  One of the biggest problems with overeating, is that the body is receiving nutritionally empty foods.  It therefore expends huge amounts of energy to digest and finds there is nothing there.  So you continue to crave more and more.  Adding juices to your diet provides your body with a huge nutrient boost, so can help to reduce these cravings.  They are also very low calorie, so can form an excellent part of a healthy weight loss diet.
  • Mental Stress: The nutrients provided also helps to reduce mental stress and provides relaxation, as well as creating an optimally functioning mind.  It has been proven that these nutrients contribute to your psychological function, mental performance, neurotransmission and congnitive function.
  • Slow Down Aging:  The nutrients help to protect your cells from oxidative stress (the thing that causes wrinkles!).
  • Look Great:  It has been proven that your skin, eyes, hair and nails are all improved by drinking juices and smoothies!


This is a small summary of all the proven health benefits you will experience on a diet high in nutrients.  Other benefits include cellular health, digestion, bones, gums and teeth, nervous system, hormones, strength, fertility and the overall synergy of your body.  You can read more about the benefits of a healthy green drink diet here.


Green Juices and Smoothie Recipes

We love green drinks here at Energise so we have put together a selection of our top green smoothie and juice recipes. They all contain large amounts of raw leafy green vegetables with low sugar fruit such as lemons and limes. Vegetables include green leaves such as spinach and kale, cucumber, cabbage, pepper, beetroot, green beans, tomato, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, celery, broccoli and parsley. These green drinks are really simple to make.  From personal experience, I know that within a few days you will start to feel great.  Click below for healthy recipes. 

Green Juice Recipes

Energise Green Drink

Incredibly alkaline, delicious and refreshing green drink.


Blood Builder Juice

This juice is absolutely packed full of chlorophyll and is highly alkaline.


Green Smoothies Recipes

Greens & Grapefruit Smoothie

Delicious and healthy drink all rolled into one!


Energise Avocado Shake

My favourite all round nutritional powerhouse of a shake!