• Supports cellular health
    • Supports antioxidant defenses
    • Support brain function


Citrus paradisi, also known as grapefruit, is a hybrid citrus fruit. Pomelo and sweet orange, the grapefruit's two ancestors -- the x in the botanical name indicates hybridization.
Grapefruits contain bioflavonoids, which are similar to those in oranges. Naringin, however, is the flavonoid that both (1) contributes to grapefruit's distinct bitter taste, and (2) explains why grapefruit extract is used instead of another citrus extract.
In addition to flavonoids, naringin is also a polyphenol, a large group of compounds found in plants.  


Brain function


  • Supports learning and memory[1–3]
  • Supports healthy neurobehavioral responses to stress[1,2,4]
  • Slows adenosine deaminase (ADA)[5]
  • Downregulates acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity[1,2,6,7]
  • Supports glutamine synthetase expression[8] and glutamate levels[6,8]
  • Supports GABA levels[6]
  • Supports dopamine levels[6]
  • Supports glia-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) levels[9]
  • Supports sleep processes[10]
  • Supports neuroprotective functions[1,6–8,11–16]
  • Supports free radical scavenging [6,8,11,14,15]
  • Supports neural antioxidant defenses[6,8,11,15]
  • Supports neural Nrf2 signaling[11]
  • Supports neural phase II detoxifying/antioxidant enzymes[11]
  • Supports neural immune signaling[4,11,15,16]
  • Supports neural mitochondrial function[3,7,12,14]
  • Supports neuronal autophagy/mitophagy[14,17]


Antioxidant defenses


  • Supports antioxidant defenses[11,18,19]
  • Supports free radical scavenging[20]
  • Counters oxidative stress and ROS production[11,18,19,21]
  • Supports Nrf2 signaling[11]
  • Supports phase II antioxidant enzymes[11,18]


Healthy aging and longevity


  • Supports mitochondrial function[21,22]
  • Supports healthy metabolic function[23]
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function[23]
  • Supports healthy liver function[23]


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