• Supports nervous system

      • Supports cognitive function

      • Supports antioxidant defenses

      • Supports menopause

      • Supports mood


The compound Gamma-oryzanol (γ-oryzanol) consists of molecules of lipid known as steryl ferulates.


γ-Oryzanol is considered to be an antioxidant, as are many secondary metabolites in plants, as well as tocopherols, which are found in oils of seeds.


As a food source, rice bran and germ provide the best nutrition. γ-oryzanol is named after the rice plant, Oryza sativa.


γ-oryzanol has been available in Japan since 1962, and the vast majority of human studies involving it have been conducted in Japan and published in non-English journals.


Menopause, mood, nerves, and heart health are among the things that have been studied in these studies. There is evidence that cognitive, mood, stress, immune, and sleep functions are supported by animal studies.


Brain function


  • Supports learning and memory[1–4]
  • Supports histaminergic neurotransmission[5,6]
  • Supports brain mitochondrial function[3,7,8]
  • Supports adrenergic signaling[9–11]
  • Supports serotonin signaling[9–11]
  • Supports synaptic plasticity[1]
  • Supports brain mitochondrial function and energy metabolism[1]
  • Supports neuronal antioxidant defenses[1,10,12–14]
  • Supports neuroprotection functions[13,15–17]


Stress and sleep


  • Supports healthy behavioral and physiological responses to stress[3,9,14,18–22]
  • Supports non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep[5,6]


Antioxidant defenses


  • Supports antioxidant defenses (SOD, GPx)[1,14,17,23–25]
  • Supports Nrf2 signaling[24]
  • Supports phase II antioxidant enzymes (HO-1, NQO1)[2,21,24]
  • Counters ROS production and oxidative stress[14,17]


Healthy aging and longevity


  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function[23,26,27]
  • Supports healthy kidney function[28–30]
  • Supports healthy metabolic function[30–33]
  • Supports muscle strength[34]
  • Supports immune performance[35]
  • Supports mitochondrial function and biogenesis[3,7,17]
  • Supports autophagy[15,36]


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