Echinacea | Purple coneflower | Echinaceae purpureae radix BENEFITS


  • Supports upper respiratory health
    • Supports general immune health


Native to North America, Echinacea purpurea is a flowering plant. Echinacea Angustifolia is one of several species used as a dietary supplement; others include Echinacea pallida and Echinacea Angustifolia.


Indigenous Americans used E.purpurea for a variety of purposes, but the Eclectics (specialists in botanicals in the late 1800s) used it as an immune tonic. The reputation of E. purpurea as an immunity tonic has endured through the years.


It is possible to use the roots as well as the flowering tops. However, we believe the roots are more suitable for long-term use. As an immune adaptogen, E.purpurea root extracts contribute to the maintenance of a healthy immune system. A number of compounds are found in the roots[1,2].


However, arabinogalactan polysaccharides support innate immunity in a manner consistent with trained immunity. Therefore, the root extracts challenge the immune system, which adapts to be stronger and more effective.




  • Supports general immune health[4–13]
  • Supports post-exercise immunity[5,10]
  • Supports innate immunity[4,14–23]
  • Supports adaptive immunity[5,16,24–28]
  • Supports cellular intrinsic immune defenses[29–33]
  • Supports mucosal immunity[5,27]
  • Supports immune tolerance[11,14]
  • Supports immune signaling[16,18,24,27,29,31,33–36]
  • Supports the hematopoietic stem cells that produce immune cells[13,14,21,23]
  • Supports healthy dendritic cell function[17,18,20,22]
  • Supports healthy natural killer cell function[4,13–16,19,23]
  • Supports healthy T cell function[16,24–27]
  • Supports healthy B cell function[5,27,28]


Gastrointestinal system and gut microbiota


  • Supports the gut microbiota[37]


Healthy aging


  • Daily consumption supports healthspan in mice[23]
  • Supports stem cell function[38]
  • Counters cellular senescence[39]


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