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Myself (Callum) and my wife (Annie) started Avocado Ninja to make a difference. We have a busy family life, run a business but also wanted to be healthy and live the best one we can. Avocado Ninja is all the tools and products we've found along the way that can be fit into a busy life to make it better. We are really driven to share what we discovered to help as many people as we can. From the worlds only organic fresh wheatgrass and broccoli sprout shots, to pure mineralised water. We have really innovative and unique products that make a huge difference to health, without taking too much time or effort. We are a small and friendly team and willing to help you in any way to get the message out, that being healthy, vibrant, full of joy and energy doesn't have to be difficult. We will work with you in any way we can to give you the tools you need to help spread the word.

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