• Supports cellular responses and antioxidant defenses
    • Supports metabolic health and healthy weight maintenance

    • Supports mitochondrial health

    • Supports healthy gut microbiota
    • Supports healthy aging
    • Supports exercise performance
    • Supports maintenance of healthy cardiovascular function
    • Supports maintenance of healthy brain function


French red grape juice, seeds, and skins constitute BioVin®. The product provides a wide range of grape's health-promoting compounds (grapes contain thousands of substances).


There is a small amount of trans-resveratrol in grape skins and seeds. Preclinical and clinical trials have been carried out on this compound hundreds of times.


Although trans-resveratrol has received a great deal of research attention, grapes contain many other compounds besides trans-resveratrol: viniferins and polydatins are resveratrol derivatives, as well as quercetin, gallic acids, and catechins.


Trans-resveratrol and these compounds complement each other. To capture these complementary activities*, we believe a full spectrum extract makes sense.


Mitochondrial biogenesis*


  • Supports peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1 alpha (PGC-1α) [5–9]
  • Supports nuclear transcription factors of mitochondrial biogenesis (nuclear respiratory factor-1 [NRF1], NRF2, mitochondrial transcription factor A [TFAM] [6,7,10–12]


Mitochondrial structure and function*


  • Supports healthy mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) [7]
  • Supports mitochondrial structure [8]
  • Supports complex I-V function [13–18]
  • Supports the activities of TCA cycle enzymes [17]
  • Supports β-oxidation [15]
  • Supports the NAD+ pool [19]


Antioxidant defenses*


  • Counters reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels and oxidative stress [8,13,14,16,18,20]

  • Supports antioxidant defenses [6–9,11,13,20]




  • Supports maintenance of healthy insulin sensitivity [20–23]
  • Supports maintenance of the insulin signaling pathway [20]
  • Supports the glucose transporter GLUT4 [20,24]
  • Supports brown adipose tissue levels [5]
  • Supports maintenance of healthy body fat levels [13,14,20]
  • Supports maintenance of healthy liver lipid levels [15]


Exercise performance*


  • Supports endurance performance [25]
  • Supports muscle mass [26]


Brain function and cognition*


  • Supports attention [27]
  • Supports memory function [27]
  • Supports working memory function [27]
  • Supports learning and memory (in animals) [28–35]
  • Supports healthy sleep [26]
  • Supports brain metabolism [26]
  • Supports BDNF levels [29,30,33,36–38]
  • Supports long-term potentiation [28,31]
  • Supports synaptic plasticity [33,39]
  • Influences acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity [33]
  • Supports choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) activity [33]
  • Supports neuroprotective functions [31,34,35,40]
  • Supports neuronal mitochondrial function [6,32]
  • Supports brain Nrf2 signaling [37]
  • Counters brain oxidative stress [28,30,32,34,41]
  • Supports healthy brain cytokine signaling [34]


Mood and stress response*


  • Supports positive affect [26,27,29,38]
  • Supports a calm mood [26–30,32,41,42]
  • Influences stress hormone levels [29,32,41]


Cardiovascular function*


  • Supports maintenance of healthy blood pressure [26,43]
  • Supports healthy vasodilation [43]
  • Supports endothelial progenitor cells [44]
  • Supports maintenance of healthy blood lipid levels [14,20]


Skin health*


  • Supports uniform skin pigmentation [45–47]

  • Supports healthy skin structure [48]

  • Supports healthy dermal ECM structure [48,49]

  • Supports skin Nrf2 signaling and phase II detox enzymes [48]  

  • Supports healthy immune/cytokine signaling [50]

  • Supports skin in adapting to environmental stress [48,50]


Gut microbiota*


  • Supports healthy gut microbiota [22,51–55]

  • Supports gut barrier function [55–57]

  • Counters gut oxidative stress [57,58]


Cellular signaling*


  • Supports AMPK signaling [7–9,11,15,20,21,59]
  • Supports healthy immune/cytokine signaling
  • Supports SIRT1 levels [6–9,19]
  • Counters mTOR signaling [59]
  • Supports UCP1 [5]


General health and longevity*


  • Supports healthy liver structure and function [17]
  • Supports healthy circadian rhythms [60,61]
  • Supports lifespan extension (Drosophila melanogaster) [18]


Complementary ingredients*


  • Gynostemma pentaphyllum (in supporting healthy insulin sensitivity) [23]
  • Pomegranate fruit extract in supporting skin health [62]


Mitochondrial biogenesis*


  • Supports peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1 alpha (PGC-1α) [63–70]
  • Supports nuclear transcriptional factors of mitochondrial biogenesis (nuclear respiratory
  • factor-1 [NRF1], NRF2, mitochondrial transcription factor A [TFAM]) [64,67,69,71]


Mitochondrial structure and function*


  • Supports mitochondrial size and number [64,66]

  • Supports inner mitochondrial membrane folding (cristae) [64]

  • Supports mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) [64,67,68]

  • Supports mitochondrial membrane potential [67]

  • Supports citrate synthase activity [63,64]

  • Supports ATP production [67,69]

  • Supports NAD+ pool [67,68,72]

  • Supports components of the electron transport chain - complex I-V [67]

  • Supports β-oxidation [64,70,72,73]


Signaling pathways*


  • Supports AMPK signaling [2,63,66–70,72,74]
  • Supports liver kinase B1 (LKB1) signaling [67,69]
  • Supports peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARα) [64]
  • Influences peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) [70]
  • Supports normal estrogen receptor signaling [64,68,75,76]
  • Supports forkhead transcription factor O 1 (FOXO1) [70]
  • Supports cAMP levels (via phosphodiesterase [PDE] 1 and 4 and adenylate cyclase) [72,77]


Antioxidant defenses*


  • Counters reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels and oxidative stress [68,70–72,78–81]
  • Supports antioxidant defenses [82,83]
  • Influences NADPH oxidase [82,83]




  • Supports maintenance of healthy insulin sensitivity [63,64,66,68,74,78,84]
  • Supports maintenance of healthy body fat levels [64]
  • Supports maintenance of healthy liver lipid levels [63,70]
  • Supports thermogenesis [64]Supports adiponectin levels [70]


Exercise performance*


  • Supports endurance performance [64]

  • Supports muscle structure and function [67,85]

  • Supports glucose uptake in muscles [86]


Cardiovascular function*


  • Supports maintenance of healthy vascular function [82–84,87]

  • Supports maintenance of healthy cardiac function [86]

  • Supports maintenance of healthy blood lipid levels [63]


Brain function and cognition*


  • Supports maintenance of healthy executive function [88,89]

  • Supports learning and memory (animals) [90–93]

  • Supports cerebral blood flow [88,94–96]

  • Supports neuroprotective functions [79,80,97–101]

  • Supports maintenance of neural stem cells [102,103]

  • Supports neurogenesis [102–104]

  • Supports BDNF levels [91–93,98,101,104–110]

  • Supports healthy brain immune/cytokine signaling [101,105,108]

  • Supports HPA axis signaling [98,109]


Gut microbiota*


  • Supports healthy gut microbiota [111–117]
  • Supports healthy gut microbial metabolism [114]
  • Supports gut microbial gene expression [114]
  • Supports gut barrier function [114]
  • Supports healthy gut immune signaling [117]


Skin health*


  • Supports uniform skin pigmentation [118–120]
  • Supports healthy dermal ECM structure (collagen, elastin) [48,121,122]  
  • Supports healthy skin structure [48]
  • Supports skin antioxidant defenses [121–124]
  • Counters ROS production and oxidative stress [125]
  • Supports skin Nrf2 signaling and phase II defenses [48,123,126]  
  • Supports healthy immune/cytokine signaling [121,122,127]
  • Supports skin in adapting to environmental stress [125,128–134]
  • Supports SIRT1 expression in the skin [121,122]
  • Influences aging biomarkers S100 A8 and S100 A9 in the skin [121,122]
  • Influences skin autophagy [135]


Healthy aging and longevity*


  • Supports healthy stem cell functions [136–148]

  • Supports telomerase activity [136–138,149,150]

  • Counters cell senescence [124,137,138,143,150]

  • Supports SIRT1 levels [2,63,65,67,70,71,151,152] [121,122]

  • Supports mitochondrial uncoupling proteins UCP1, UCP2, and UCP3 [64,68]

  • Supports Klotho levels [71,152]

  • Counters mTOR signaling [66]

  • Supports lifespan extension (mice on high-calorie diet, Drosophila melanogaster, Caenorhabditis elegans,

  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae) [66,87,151,153,154]


Circadian rhythms*


  • Supports healthy circadian rhythms [155–158]
  • Influences clock gene expression [155,158]


Complementary ingredients*


  • Apigenin - resveratrol is an apigenin bioenhancer [159]
  • Piperine as a bioenhancer [160–164] and for maintenance of cognitive function [165]
  • Hawthorn for cardiovascular function support [166]
  • Inositol for metabolic health [167]


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