How to get the body you deserve, have more energy, feel vibrant, sexy and alive!

I am about to tell you the one thing that will put your health on autopilot.


The one thing that will generate the energy in your body to achieve all of your other goals.  


The one thing that will make you kick-ass and in control of your life...


Without taking any time or effort!

How have your new years health resolutions gone so far? Maybe you have tried exercising or changing your diet? Has life got in the way once again and all your plans gone out of the window?


Well, it's not your fault.


Research shows that most new years resolutions don't stick past the first couple of weeks. Changing your lifestyle this way is extremely difficult, expecially this time of year.


There is nothing wrong with you, you just need the correct strategy.


Getting more energy, losing weight, feeling vibrant and alive are easy... when you know what to do.


After many years we have understood that the FIRST area to focus on is the WATER you drink. Why?


Because it is the area that is EASIEST to change, has the QUICKEST IMPACT and the most HEALTH BENEFITS.


However, to get these results you need a SPECIFIC kind of SUPERWATER, which I will now tell you how to create AT HOME.


For a moment, just imagine what it would feel like to effortlessly experience a huge lift in your energy and mood. To feel that vibrancy and excitement for life again. Just like you felt as a child. To wake up with a light body, full of energy, for your thoughts to be clear and for you to feel in control of your life. To look in the mirror and see vibrant skin and a perfect body. In this state, achieving all your other goals in life becomes easy... you are simply enjoying life.


Over 6,000 other people have felt these benefits and more over the past 3 years. The results have also been researched and proven by over 500 articles in prestigious medical journals, such as "American Journal of Physiology", the "American Medical Association" and the European Food Standards Authority.


With this SUPERWATER you can...


Drink Your Way to Effortlessly...

Boost Your


Notice an instant boost!

Slow & Reverse


Automatically neutralise damage before it even occurs!

Have a Clear & Focused Mind

Enhances cognitive function, feel bright, confident & in control.

Blood Pressure

Stabilise BP &
Cardio Function cutting chance of disease.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Keeps you going longer!
Stamina, Strength & Cut Recovery Time



Lose weight,
improve skin & hair. Look incredible in a very short time!

Plus... ENHANCE YOUR MOOD .. making you feel brighter and happier

and REDUCE YOUR CRAVINGS... imagine being able to easily walk past those unhealthy temptations.

All of these benefits and more have been scientifically proven...


13 Independently Proven Health Benefits

Approved by the European Foods Standards Agency

It is also featured in over 500 peer reviewed articles in all of the major medical journals

proving that molecular hydrogen has therapeutic potential in almost every organ and in over 150 dieases.


“I discovered that alkaline water has additional benefits to ordinary filtered water or minerally depleted reverse osmosis water.

More research is also becoming available to demonstrate the performance enhancement aspects of hydrogen rich, structured water… red blood cell movement depends on optimal pH and hydration. I’ve been drinking this water for a year now and it’s certainly been the healthiest, happiest, strongest year of my life so far!

Keegan Smith

Head Performance Coach, Sydney Roosters

Improved Performance

James Newbury, Crossfit Champ Chooses UltraStream


My name is James Newbury I am 23 years old have been using UltraStream for the past 6 months religiously.


Its is the purest tasting water I have ever had and I feel so much better when I drink during training and competitions.


I have just competed in the Australian Men’s Fitness Fitbloke challenge and placed 1st overall after coming 2nd for the past 2 years.


I truly believe my improved performance has to be in some part a result of using the UltraStream water and allowing myself to rehydrate and recover faster and better than the competition.

More Energy, Better Skin, No Detox Symptoms


So have been taking water that has this amazing ‘molecular hydrogen’ in it for about 2 months.


What have I noticed? ENERGY! Smooth hydrated skin (no need for a moisturizer whaat!?)


HOWEVER the biggest difference I have noticed is whilst being on my twice yearly cleanse/detox. With no starch, sugar, fats, and such you are bound to go through headaches, lethargy, low energy ect..but NO through giving my body what it needs especially through this time I am feeling great!!

Dr. St Clare

As a Doctor, what was important to me was that the specifications on the product being sold could be scientifically substantiated.  


All of the other companies selling Alkaline machines were UNABLE to provide me any conclusive information to substantiate their claims.


However, with the Ultrastream, all of my questions were satisfactorily answered.


The big difference between the UltraStream and electronic ionizers is simplicity – just plug it in to your water supply and you have pure high quality Alkaline water. You do NOT need a 40 page manual to operate.



"Since installing the Ultrastream, my desire for sugar laced products has ceased absolutely!"

John, Gold Coast, Australia

More Energy &
Clear Mind

"Better energy levels, clarity of mind, lighter body and helps with cleansing..."

Ronit Robbaz, Public Administration Manager

The Ultrastream
Advanced Water Filter

We created our water filter after extensive testing over many years. It is the industry best, only EU certified filter and the ONLY filter to be tested over it's lifetime.


How The Ultrastream Works



Filters out all impurities to create pristine, beautiful tasting water.



Infuses the water with hydrogen gas imparting huge health benefits proven by science.



Ionises the water to create "living water" to energise your cells.



The water is infused with alkaline minerals which have over 13 proven health benefits.

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Installs in under 2 minutes.


No moving parts and no electric, nothing to go wrong.


Every filter change at 3,500 litres gives a completely new system making the output optimal and futureproof.


This is the ONLY filter that has the output lab tested at the END of it's life.


This proves that the performance truly lasts over the lifetime of the filter.


View the independent lab tests here.



Produces 400% more hydrogen at 1/8th cost of rival water ionizers.


Each filter lasts 3,500 litres and the cost effective replacement filter replaces the entire machine, with all the latest improvements.